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2018 Christmas Calendar! Over $14,000 Worth Of Gifts! is happy to present the 2018 Christmas Calendar! From December 1st until December 24th, 2018, BankrollMob members have 5 doors to open each day (1 door = 1 chance) to win one or several gifts - including Bluetooth Headphones, Poker Tournament Tickets and Cash, Mob Points (can be converted to cash), Freespins For Slots, and Entries To Private Casino Touraments. [...]   Read more » 2018 Christmas Calendar! Over $14,000 Worth Of Gifts!

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I won 100 weekly MobDraw tickets twice from the Christmas Calendar during the second week of December 2018, and these complimentary 200 MobDraw tickets magically hit the jackpot on Sunday, December 8, 2018. It was a great surprise. I can't thank you enough, BankrollMob!

I think I didn't claim five or six prizes ($20 cash at Breakout Poker, freeroll invitation, etc.) and exchanged them for lottery tickets. Good luck to all mobsters in the upcoming lottery!

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for me its strange how I hit only 1 regular prize,50 mob shots,in first days of calendar and then every prize was something from this special prizes!just wonder what kind of this bluetoth headphones are this and cant wait that I get them in january!I will give it to my nephew!
lottery will be in few days and can wait to see did I won something from 152 tickets!

Anybody can tell me what I need to do to exchange the entry of the freeroll in tickets for the draw? My country doesen t allow me to play on partypoker. Thanks in advance.

helloo, i played last weekend lotery i buyed 750 ticket and i won 5000 mob points thx bankrollmob,,,
Congratulations qwertolog!

You have won 5000 MobPoints in our weekly MobDraw (#565/210451). The MobPoints were instantly added to your MobPoints balance.

Thank you for playing the MobDraw!

Best regards,
Worship Thumbs Up Dollar


You have to wait.
If you opened 100 doors in mob calendar in december 2018 you can opt for some mob points.
You have to watch in this site because it will be announced.
After that with mob points you can buy tickets for mob draw.
It is very simple.
Good luck with that. Smile

ofcourse its not good information,you need to open only 50 doors this year and you will be able to play freeroll at party poker!if you dont want or you cant play it,you will have in few days on your account message where you will be offered to put your username or to change ticket for mob points!

So. HAPPY NEW YEAR Mobsters. I hope the calendar has been good to you this time round! As for me I won a $22 party poker ticket , 50 goes at opening the safe (failed) and a couple of $20 bonuses that I can’t use so got tickets to the prize draw, the results of which I am looking forward to seeing. As for the Freeroll, more people can get to play it this year with not 50 windows needing t be opened. An interesting marketing ploy but keeps more people at the BRM walls for a little more time as this becomes achievable for them.

Another great year.

Thanks BankRollMob

i opened around 85 doors,,thought i could not enter that coming freeroll,,,,very nice to hear i can now...thanks for info Damosk...hope to see you in it

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yeah,some people love to wright wrong informations and then some people would miss chance to play this freeroll if they can!but its good that you read all posts and that you saw it!you will see also on your account in next days posts where you will need to put your username or to exchange place for mob points!

Hello, well i opened 120 doors this christmas year, won only once, 500 mobpoints. Guess i'm not lucky anymore. Good luck to everyone.

Have a nice day / night and GL

I opened something between 60-80 doors. It's nice, that we may open less doors than last year to qualify for the tournament. But hey, I don't see any tournaments, nor mail with it.

I don't know if the term of the tournament was scheduled or it will be scheduled in few days.

And hey - I wish you all good stuff in this New Year!

Has anyone heard any word yet on the final drawing for this?

you have everything in rules of this promotion and top of this thread you have article which you can open and find every information about freeroll,lottery draw and prizes from calendar!nobody need to ask every day when freeroll will be or when draw will be,just search forum!
dont worry about prizes,everybody will get them!

This month, the winners of 2018 Christmas Calendar with over 14.000 dollars, will be announced.
In January you will find everything and the BRM Party Poker freeroll is on January 27, but you have to register for it before January 7.
Winners will be notified by email when you log into the site.
If you read this thread carefully you will find out. Smile

I still don t know who i need to contact because I can t play the partypoker freeroll. So instead i need the tickets for the draw..

I believe this is not possible now. There was a timeline in which you should have traded
your prize for points of r the draw. It was two hours from the moment you were getting
the prize if i am not mistaken.
I doubt there will be a change on this, but try sending an email from your personal brm page.

People write stupid things and asking for something that they cant get!
You can exchange place at freeroll for lottery tickets!you can ONLY get mob points instead of this and you will have that chance on your account,that message and then you will need to click on that option to change ticke for mob points!
Dont contact anybody from BRM stuff,beacuse they say in rules not to contact them about prizes!

You have mentioned on changing the party poker ticket, for mob draw tickets,
so i thought you had won a ticket in the calendar, that you wanted to exchange,
thus my answer.
But if you are talking about the freeroll from opening the doors, then dule-vu is right.
At some point you will have the chance to give up your spot for Mob points.
And for this reason you dont have to contact support.

yeah, when I read, "by January 7th", I'm going to ask. May ask again too. I don't have my Master's Degree in Bankroll Mob Forum Arts.

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