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In the 31/12/2018 I tried to play in the Slot´s tournament in Big Dollar Casino, with a ticket that I won in the Christmas Advent Calendar. I did all that I have to do but I couldn´t play it (I wrote a thread about it). The main house said to me that they were analyzing the bug and then they contact me for a solution. Nothing happened but yesterday I claim here, sirthomas (one of the boss here) contact to BDC and, immediately, they sent this email:
"Hi there,

Thank you for your support at Big Dollar Casino.

We noticed that you experienced a few issues when trying to access the Xmas Tourney hosted for BankRol Mob.

We sincerely apologize for this, and sure hope that this doesn't come between us.

We are super happy to advise you that you have been invited to the exclusive Sunday Slots tournament. Please see the details below:

BankRollMob Sunday Slots Tournament

Sunday 13 January 2018 at 7pm EDT"

Worship Worship Worship

Sometimes some mistakes happen in the system of any room.
Technology is sometimes sick and we must to be lenient.
It is important that the mistake is remedied when the gift does not expire.
It would be ugly if this thing it happens.
Good luck MARAGATON Smile

A nice outcome after all, with you being able to play in the tournament after all.
Lets hope that after all this trouble and waiting, you will be able to win something Smile
Just make a reminder about it, since it is in five days.
It will be a pity forgetting to play, after what has happened Smile

Thank for your wishes! I hope that may win something of money, but I already won something of value to me: my right to play this tournament. As I told in others thread, I don´t like slots very much and a tournament of it is a real mystery! But I had won a ticket and a bug banned me to play, and it´s not fair! Thank BRM and Big Dollar!

Only to share the end of the experience...I ask Big Dollar for a explain to register and play process to avoid any new issue. They don´t answer me through email and live help. BRM ask them for it, and Big Dollar came to this forum, in another thread, to say that all that I write was a lay!!! Shock Disagree Angry I will play this tourney today or I tried it, but don´t recommend this company!!

You have already explained in another topic, that you are to blame. Slot tournaments do not open automatically as in poker. You had to open the slot yourself and play.
In that topic, I told you a little about slot tournaments.

In the other thread, I answer to you and others mobster. The blame was a bug that makes disappear the tournament of the menu. Yesterday, a bit later, I open the menu and there it was the tourney in "playing" mode. I opened and play there for three hours in children's games too boring (I don´t like slots but BRM have some better than there). I know that the process may be different than a poker client (I´m a big boy), but in 31/12/2018 there were no options! Blink

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