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partypoker announces creation of ‘Team Online'

On Tuesday, partypoker has announced they have created what they call "Team Online", a group composed of members who are some of the world's most well-known and highly influential online poker content creators and streamers. The creation of Team Online is just one of the various company strategies set in motion based from a plan set for the next weeks and months in which the key focus is to cur[...]   Read more » partypoker announces creation of ‘Team Online'

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Party poker keeps "pushing" in this section and why not.
By signing up with players like him, they get more crowd.
You can say it is already a good deal for both of them.
Players getting a sponsorship,, which will work in getting more viewers easier,
plus party gets another means of advertisement, which is already established,
and doesnt start from zero.

I see that this year partypoker is messing with everything in every way hahaha I see every time new news and almost always this partypoker present or named in them ... I already wanted to go back and see that there again: D so congratulations a party for dedicating itself to improve and I hope that there are more things for those who do not have to always be putting money Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Yes party poker all sort of promotion is come from all corner and it is interesting to see that they want to become biggest poker site and attack pokerstars in many way. For me it is good situation, because i play most times in party poker

PartyPoker try different ways to attract new players and return old players to your poker room .... I certainly have nothing against party poker strategy, but in my opinion it would be great if more freerolls appeared .... there would be more players

Not really sold on this marketing strategy, more potential customer are watching these guys play on twitch live the less of those people are gonna actually play on the site at the same time. These are not coaching sessions just general playing sessions which are dime a dozen on twitch already.

Posted by pajalnick:
... it would be great if more freerolls appeared .... there would be more players
Yes, I think so too. I started playing in Party Poker from 2010, and always returned there after my periodic boredom of the game of poker. Always had space of micro limits and freerolls. But from a bit more than a year all of that disappear and they change to look for more profit. I don´t know if this promotion may attract to recreational players.

This is an ample advertising campaign made by Party Poker to recruit as many players as possible. There is nothing wrong and they have all the chances to arrive number one in the online poker industry. These people do a really good job. I'm sure that PP is very envied by their competition.

when you just read that he is poker pro with 22 years only and started to play poker with 18,its just great how somebody come on top that fast!they choose him to be first at this team online and this show everything!now we will see how things will work at this twitch channel!

Party Poker have always been my poker site of choice and it is very nice to see them doing this. The shape of watching poker is changing every day and Party sem to be leading the way to enhancing our viewing pleasure.

for example, 888 poker regularly holds freerolls for players of various levels .... that is, any day you can play in a tournament for free .... And this does not happen at PartyPoker ... freerolls Of course, there are very few of them .... very little. ... just like at PokerStars

Posted by dule-vu:
when you just read that he is poker pro with 22 years only and started to play poker with 18,its just great how somebody come on top that fast!

It also means he practicaly done jack$hit so far... Meanwhile though established poker pros would hardly be okay giving away all the intricacies about their game on a live stream.

for me this is just "big nothing" about all of this team online,team pros and everything about players that come to play for some poker site!like I would spend my money just beacuse they have some player who make millions online or at live tournaments!maybe new generation like this kind of things,to follow players and to play just beacuse of them!

BankrollMob Forum » News » partypoker announces creation of ‘Team Online'

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