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If your like me, you have downloaded the software signed up your details and then have been approved, And still have not got your bonus after waiting 24hrs+ then post here.
bankrollmob usually is the best and only site that pays when it says. so why the sudden change? we know they are busy, but how does that refelect on there service as a company Are you rli going to play on Virgin after this performance?
tell me how long you have waited

Hi Ryden,

We only approve bonus requests after we have had a list from Virgin Poker confirming that the player is ALREADY paid. If you have been approved and not been paid, it will be because of a mistake somewhere in the system (either ours of virgins).

Can you post you username with Virgin, then I will take a look at it straight away.

In terms of Virgin I think they are going to be a good partner, offerring freemoney, airmiles tournaments etc., they were simply taken by surprise on the number of players signing up, so the first week will definately have some "quirks" we need to iron out - but I think we will get there eventually.

It is the same with me (virgin user name olga1709). I got mail on Dec. 1st saying that bonus was approved. So far the money did not arrive. I wrote email to mob twice but got no answer. Obviously there is a severe error in the system.

Hye guys i got the same problem, 30 hours ago more or lest got the bankroll mail saying my request t virgin poker was approved but i just checked again and i still don't have any money in my account (User id: Maxerello). Could you please check me out? Thanks


What about that free virgin airmiles tourney 4 those who cashed out another 20 euros? When is it? Do we need to register for it? Because I cannot find in the lobby nothing similar.

same kind ofthing tho i was rejected e-mailed off and still no reply like 4days on...

whats going on this has never happened b4, my Username: PoKerPiOnEeR, but according 2 BRM i have no account! weird could some1 from BRM check this out please Smile

Hye man we're all on the same boat, i told the staff i haven't got my money yet and no replies came Sad what's going on with this site? it used to be so quick and good

Virgin poker support stinks

completely agree

well idem for me
i 've been approved for that bonus by bankrollmob
since 3th december
and nothing for me
pok_ratus on virgin
Date 12/3/2008 12:42:03 PM (GMT)

From BankrollMob

Subject Your Virgin Poker request has been approved!

Dear nicolas y,

We're happy to let you know that we have approved your bonus request for €30 at Virgin Poker - the bonus should already be available in your account "pok_ratus", or it will be there in a few hours.

We are confident that you will enjoy this bonus and hopefully be able to start building your new bankroll at Virgin Poker.

Edited by ratus2x (18 December 2008 @ 22:24 GMT)

Same here unfortunately, the only difference is that I signed up for the ActionPoker no deposit bonus instead but still haven't received my money though it says "Approved" on the website...

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