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I know I've been out of it for a while. Long story short, I had a death in the family and then work got crazy. It's settled down a bit so now I'm back.

Now to the topic at hand. I don't have the time to look through all of the posta here so I'm not sure if someone has already covered this. In that case, sorry for wasting your time!

Anyway, I've been reading on numerous sources that PartyPoker will ban pretty much all third party software this May. This means that all HUDs and different stats software will no longer be allowed. This is appar tly due to the fact that they want to create the most fair platform out there.

Can anyone confirm this? Or do I need to take a more critical look on my sources?

Hey ERRU....... This story has been doing the rounds for some time now. The approach is part of partypoker seeking to make poker fairer to everyone and comes at the same time as their announcement of the action they have taken to remove a load of bots working their servers. Pokerstars has also a similar story running. I can't find the exact date but April was mentioned but that is running out quickly right now!

I havent heard anything about it.
But it wont be a surprise if they do.
There are sites that you cant use one, and probably more will follow.
An example is unibet from what i know.
And it will make the game more fair for sure.
Lots of players depend their game on HUDs. This will turn things up on them Smile

I would like as all these helpful programs to be abolished and people to play a poker without cyber support or what is called this thing. I have not played heads up too much and i did not use any helper program but i agree with the decision of Party Poker. It's OK like this. Blink

Since I'm not using any of these softwares, I don't mind this change at all. In fact, it's gonna be interesting so see what, if any, effect this has on my profits. Who knows, maybe some of the regulars I've been facing at the DoN tables has been using these tools. Gonna be interesting to see!

Especially when it comes on sngs likedon, many must be using the huds.
But there it is not that difficult also to start getting some notes for yourself.
Unless you are multitabling, and you dont have time to watch and note every single play Smile
There the huds can be useful. Letting you concentrate on your game.

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