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Check out 888poker's New High Roller Tournament - The Dragon

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Posted on 29 October 2019 by "T".
Enter "The Dragon", 888poker's newest monthly high roller tournament, which is set to launch on November 3 with satellites for as low as 50 cents! The Dragon is the latest addition to 888poker's offerings which include popular tournaments such as The Whale, The Swordfish, The Tornado, Big Fish, Mega Deep, and many more. The Dragon High Roller Tournament Schedule: Once a month Buy-in: $1,05[...]   Read more » Check out 888poker's New High Roller Tournament - The Dragon

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another tournament with big buy in and maybe its enough that they will give only once per month!too much of some tournament will maybe bring less players,on this way they will give chance that all people pick that date and come on one chance to play it!ofcourse small number of players will come from satellites,because its not something that you can do on easy way!

Am I dumb or this seems like a bad deal for the first glance?
1k buyin with only 200k guarantees is anything but attractive to me to be honest. Even the main satellite tournies are seem to be underwhelming. Let's not even mention the half dozen subsatellites just to get you there...

well here we go again something new but as the friend says it does not seem very good, but well as we know there are not always very good promotions for the players but there is always the odd one that hooks in all hahaha I hope it serves can take advantage of it Cool Cool Cool

depend what they expect from this high roller tournament!they give GTD prize pool,but what if they dont collect enough players?they will still need to pay players and they will be on loss!its hard to give bigger GTD prize pool,because they dont what cant expect and how many players will play it!

I have heard of these tournaments but for the first time i hear about this game, which is probably new and it's called The Dragon. 888 Poker is a good room but it does not have huge prize tournaments. Only very rarely it happens and then you have to take advantage and try to qualify if you can.

I have bad luck when it comes to qualifying for an event or something hahaha but well I hope that those who are lucky enough to do so will get some nice prize and here I am always in case they want to donate some money to this poor man hahahaha Cool Cool Cool

as usual, in a big tournament through the Satellite I never made my way .... once tried to play this Satellite for Dragon .... But naturally I didn’t get anywhere .... it seems to me personally the satellite is absolutely not worth playing .. ..this is an extra waste of time and money .... of course, sometimes incredible cases happen when people win through the satellite As a result, a lot of money ..... I think it's not me

BankrollMob Forum » News » Check out 888poker's New High Roller Tournament - The Dragon

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