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Snail Race (Booming Games)

The newest slot game from Booming Games is Snail Race, where three colorful snails race their blazing shells out for the big win! The game features 3 colorful snail racers named Bob, Max and Tom. The reels form a 6x3 grid, and there's a 7th reel meant for the snails' homes. When snails get out of their abode, you will see each of them bearing a different multiplier on their shell (3x on row 1, [...]   Read more » Snail Race (Booming Games)

New Video Slot: Snail Race (Booming Games)  0   
this slot is something new on market,with two bonuses,6x3 reels and wild that go from right to left and everything on one slot!we can find something like this on other slots,but on all in one!must say that quality isnt highest,when I watch this video and that they could do it better!we will see what this slot will bring!

I see this as some kind of new principles for a slot machine .... right now after I write this message try to play this game Machine .... Maybe it's quite interesting and funny .... At least I will know what kind of slot machine it is and what you can expect from it .... of course I would like to see a bonus game bonus

One more slot out there. This one has lots of reels. Looks a nice one and one someone
should try, since it has 20 paylines.
I like the fact that the bonus feature had the music them from the benny hill show.
Its been way too long since i last heard that music Smile

The game is good to play and you can win something, but with this RTP, it's a little harder to understand because does not reflect the reality. However, the maximum profit is very good and if you succeed to won something nice, it is very good.

and hit the news of new slots hahaha this seems like a mafia and are full with the competition to see who gets a better and more attractive, where more people attract the game and that every week or sometimes 2-3 times a week I see that a new one comes out hahaha Shock Shock Shock

In general, I tried to play this slot machine and I can say that I was absolutely not interested in it .... Apparently this is a gaming soft which I absolutely do not like .... therefore this game will definitely not be my favorite when playing in a casino. ... maybe that's why the provider will be able to release more interesting slot machines for me .... wait .... we'll see

as I said in first post,this slot bring lot of things in one slot,one more reel,wilds that go from right to left and other things,as we had before on some slots,but I must say that this would be much better slot if for example this would make netent company!I am sure in that!
now I dont think that many players will play it!

x1200 stake as a max. win surely puts this game in the middle-brow category similar one like most NetEnt games - altough I am not sure Booming Studios ever was associated with them on any level but this game sure does look like a similar concept like most of those.

BankrollMob Forum » News » New Video Slot: Snail Race (Booming Games)

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