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Tonight is first of 3 freerolls with 100k prize, check your account if you got ticket for this.

   0 nice freeroll!!! Congratz to all of you who get the ticket. have fun and take win huge prize Smile Smile Sad...I couldn't play at that nice poker site

yes,I also have ticket for this freeroll!thanks on this post peronibar Thumbs Up !I already registered on this freeroll and even if I couldnt play it,why not to use free ticket for tonight!as I see prizes are only in tournament money,so you will need to play with that money that you win,but no matter on that,still first prize is 3500 $ in tournament money!

i went directly to party poker and logged in and found out this
Sorry, you do not have any Active Tickets available at this moment.
well thats fine i havent played there for awhile so normally they wouldnt offer these tickets to everybody only to active players
good luck to everyone playing

Some free games that should be at least one per month. Here you can win a good bankroll for your games and after that to play satellites for medium or big games. It is nice to win but the competition is great and you have to fight for a good gift.

as I said,probably I wouldnt have time on saturdays night to play this freeroll,but I still will register and use my free ticket!as I sawed today,this tournament was played for over seven and half hours,so you can imagine how hard was it to come on places with big prizes!but 3500 tournament dollars for first prize on freeroll is great!

This is what you call a freeroll.
I wonder how much the first place is paying on this. It must be a few thousands at least Smile
And it is capped at 12000 players. Way less from other tournaments like these in other sites,
with lots more entrants like 18000.
better chances Smile If you have a ticket, fro this one, try to make it possible to play,
no matter what Smile Good luck.

Woooww great freeroll!! I wish I would have had a ticket to play.
How do you guys got one???
Any mobsters could get any prize??????'
Hopefully some member of this great community got a big prize.
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Mober maybe you should read posts from other members and you would find answer!in two posts you have answer on it!

Plexo, Unfortunately it is not for anyone because some countries are restricted. Party Poker does not activate everywhere and in my country they have been gone since 2016. I would have liked to play here but it is not possible because of their management.

When I went to play spins and get qualified/registered , already the cap max of 12000 registered players had been reached . Very sad , should had been more carefull and play/register earlier Sad

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