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Hello everyone, do you remember that we always complain about the poker rooms, that when we make an important withdrawal of money, we get weeks of bad luck playing ?????
Well, the same thing happens to me here, I made a withdrawal and it seems to me that I am punished, I have been doing nothing for weeks, and that varied the hours and times to play, but nothing, zero patatero

If that is the case then you should stop playing for quite some time in the site
that you have requested the cash out and continue your grinding in another one Smile
But i believe it is just a swing and things will change to the better soon.
Good luck in your next sessions.

Are you talking about the Mob Calendar, or any Mob Game? Because you wrote "...same thing happens to me HERE...". If is it, you have to be patient. We may play here a couple of weeks without any prizes. In fact, I´m registered since 2016 and I NEVER win a prize in Mob Safe or Mob Draw. Anf, if the claim is about one poker´s room, you have to tell about it Blink

Most poker rooms suffer from frustration when players make withdrawals. This proves once again that this system is perverse and is not normal what they do. I like it when you are appreciated exactly and for your value as a gambler but this is only for professionals...

Yes, the poker´s rooms don´t like the withdrawal at all, but I don´t think they could manage the software to punish that action. We talked about this situation and others similar CALICUL, and we don't agree about the possibilities of handling the software. Some guy affirm that if you go away for a lapse, the poker´s room give more good pairs when you return (?). But I didn´t understand of who are talking yayoav... Confused

Posted by maragatero:
Are you talking about the Mob Calendar, or any Mob Game? Because you wrote "...same thing happens to me HERE...".

Well, I was referring to this site. I withdrew 7000 points and I see that I am a little punished, weird was the week that I did not play a small prize, but I have a bad streak breaking daily chests, will it be bad luck ?????

I do not like the hypocrisy and ingratitude of the poker rooms because they want to have many depositing clients, but when the players do withdrawals then they get upset and their main purpose is that the players make as many commissions as possible. It is not normal to be frustrated when someone withdraws money.

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