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The Try Guys play against Maria Ho as YouTube Poker Episode Goes Viral

The YouTube video has gotten around 3 million views already, in just 5 days. The latest YouTube episode of The Try Guys was posted just this weekend, February 22, 2020, and in just a couple of days, it has reached over 3 million views already! What's the subject? Our beloved poker game of course! The Try Guys put their A-game hats on in a 4 versus 1 poker challenge against professional player [...]   Read more » The Try Guys play against Maria Ho as YouTube Poker Episode Goes Viral

The Try Guys play against Maria Ho as YouTube Poker Episode Goes Viral  0   
I dont know anything about this guys and never heard anything about them (maybe its my mistake),so cant comment much about their work!now dont have time to watch this video of more then 23 minutes,its too long,but later maybe I will!so as I see from this news,they make videos about different sports on funny way?

4 regular people can beat a professional poker player, but not so easy. Every gambler reaches in a point when he loses and this thing is very normal. The winning percentage for the 4 is less than 50% but chances is good for they.

This video promotes poker to a wider audience , and Maria does a great job explaining the
basics of NLH and giving an example of how to play .
Maria HO is so awesome and capable poker player , I still believe it despite this troll's Doug Polks video ( Big Smile) about her not shoving preflop her 10s oop but just calling , after that the bad fold of a a set of 10s on the 7h10hJh flop in a tournament after an opponents shove with AhKc being afraid for her tournament life , lol , Big Smile This Doug troll , lol Big Smile
Also a great commentator , host or presenter in poker games or shows . I really like watching her everytime , she is also very beautiful and sexy , good qualifications to mislead and misorganise the game of a fish like me at the tables , lol , Big Smile

still didnt have time to watch whole video,but what I see from first minutes,she talks about her poker life,how to play poker,whats most important when you start playing and so on!so they want to show people different sport on funny way or they do something more in this videos?

These 4 players i think they read a scenario, because their words fit a lot, in dialogue with Maria Ho. Neither of them has emotions but plays theater. I've seen this kind of video many times before, under different circumstances not only poker. It's a good idea to advertise.

Who are this try guys? If they only show your actions in you tube without translation, I couldn´t understand anything. I write and read, as you know, with very difficult. But the listening of english languaje is banned for me. But I saw all the films of poker that are appear with translate to spanish. I saw it many times!

They are people who try different professions or something crazy. In this poker game they tried to beat a professional player. They took some small lessons before playing and the result can be seen in the video. Sometimes these things are useful to learn.

I hadn't heard of the Try Guys before but am a Mario Ho fan so decided to watch it.

Basic beginner's advice and I didn't find the "guys" to be at all entertaining.

I won't be trying them again and I'd like my 24 minutes back.

It seems to me that these guys also play in the theater to do well, in front of their fans, but this thing is not important for me, or others who think the same. What they do there i don't really know because i can't follow movies of this kind. I only look a little and I'm bored.

BankrollMob Forum » News » The Try Guys play against Maria Ho as YouTube Poker Episode Goes Viral

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