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crazy 2nl ZOOM/FastForward action :)  -1   
In 2nl 9max ZOOM there are crazy hands you can witness , especially sets over sets on the turn or even on the flop . They play manytimes ATC , which stands not for Any Two Cards , but for Any Two Cr*p Smile Be ready to experience bad beats if you don't reraise big , trap or even raise all in/limp-raise your big hands like AA , or if you shove KK with 200Bbs or deeper preflop , lol , many times even with 100Bbs , lol .
Better not be afraid to hunt sets (sometimes I am unfortunatelly , especially 77 or lower , particulsrly oop , but if the price is cheap or 2 or more player are already in the hand with no 3bets yet or with more players oop you can call ) , but play them with caution if you suspect a better set might be in the hand/flop or a better made hand Smile

After 00:00 UTC I prefer not to play generally , this time there are not many players , after double up your stack not a bad idea to take the profits and sit out in fast forward , in ZOOM as well , especislly 300 bigs Smile

I almost called this , lol

Crazy players , they bet, raise , reraise anything . 2nl for ever , lol

They also call with anything , lol

Crazy boards , better play passively low sets , lol

They play trash hands to get paid big , but things don't go always as planned , lol

Who would ever fold this , lol KKvs AA all the time in ZOOM games , lol , also KKvsAx and get f****d big time , lol . 40 bigs or less I call these crazy shoves , if I shove KK preflop 50 blinds or less , lol Big Smile

Why fold KK , why shove AA preflop almost 200 blinds without 3betting first , that's why
Crazy MFs ....

Bet only flop and turn , so afraid of paired boards , f** , action cards and action boards ....

Only 50 hands are saved in the memory of the sportsbetting .gr poker lobby (uses the same lobby as PartyPoker ) ?? lol , I can't find the other hands . Especially the one where I limped UTG KK with $1.40 so as to shove when raised or bet too many blinds , CO raises to $1.45-$1.50 with 1010 LOL , the rest fold , I call , 10 on the flop , turn/river doesn't help and he wins Aww crap! . Such a beautiful hand . Such moments I really like to have all hand history in detail , not only few recent hands , so funny hands to play and lose . so funny moments Smile

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so on end of day did you earn something,did you lost money or you were even?I watched few hand and as I see on this A A hand,you almost lost it,this 7 on river saved you,because he had two pairs of turn!
but most important did you had luck to win something after all!

I made some $$ but this is not important (which btw I lost them today playing a 2nl 9max ZOOM and a 2nl PLO 6 max at the same time , bad thing two tables for me cause I don't make right decisions with more than one cash table , bad thingthat I play PLO although I don't know lol , bad thing that I couldn't stop playing while losing but I wanted to get the previous buyin , then the previous buyin plus the one I just lost , very bad reminding me the sad days when I first started playing poker like this and I was depositing every day , lol, , another bad thing that I did it on tilt after I had lost on bwin casino $$$ , also I was curious to see some hands preflop played in a different way than the one I always play , for example all in AKs shove preflop for 50 bbs the other one had JJ and won , ofourse what did I expect , some other very loose calls especially in PLO .. Let's say it was a Training Day , by the end of the night , I learned my lessons , lol. ).

But they don't matter at all .In the past I was playing the 5nl 9max ZOOM , some profit I was able to make , but most important to get experience in order to level up for highers stakes , where ofcourse you can have many profits and winnings (or great losses lol) . But unfortunatelly 9max 5nl ZOOM seized to exist , players just suddenly disappeared , it became a '' ghost town '' and seized to exist after some days .. Strange .. Very strange indeed ...

I have tried the ZOOM 2nl 6max , no success ,too much action for my tastes and capabilities .

I played ZOOM 6max 25nl , my bankroll got crashed , losing to AQ vs AA A on the flop wtf , next buyin AA vs a astupid hand , had no enough buyins to handle variance and got crashed . Btw the moment I decided to try this limit was also after a loss on a casino slot , on PokerStars casino this time lol . Also when you see you are not being given good hands for a long time in poker or good spin rewards in casino , simply quit , you'll never win at these specific sessions , just my experience ....

Anyway , 2nl is not to make money . Ofcourse if you win $2 , $4, $6,or $8 you can use them as Bankroll money to play sngs or tournaments (that's what I do ) , o play them for FUN again on the same 2nl ZOOM game , but at the same time tryng to learn positions , hands choice , decisions , etc ,

I just posted these hands if sb plays them to see them , just for fun (although , despite some crazy loose calls which many make when the stake is rediculously small like $2 , everything else like bad beats , etc is the same in all stakes , ZOOM or not .)
Btw , in fast forward I realised I have to take money out from the table as soon as I have 200 blinds , sometimes even only 100blinds if I buyin only for 50 . The crazy bad beats you can have , the innumerable times i have seen or lost with AA vs KK , the crazy style and choices preflop of most players ... Also after midnight I see there are not many players , so the table instead of 6 many times it has only 5 , very bad cause blinds' turn comes faster , also after midnight less fish or players willing to pay your good hands . I mean the only hand I got payed on that fast forward midnight session was my AK vs very big stack with A8 on AAxxx not paired board , WTF !!!!
I don't know whether ZOOM 6max is also the same as fastforward 6max . Anyway , in 6max I am not good , why am I playing fastforward then ???lol I have no profits at all (break even I think Smile) .
Too bad Party/bwin don't have 9max fast forward cahs tables . 9 max cash poker is dying at all !!!!!Have to adapt .....

9max ZOOM AK UTG , almost always a set-up hand to lose , I simply don't play it anymore , almost always a set upo hand .........

You raise KK x3 , many call , they f*** you big time on the board postflop , for 50 blinds or less EP I like it that crazy way , yeah baby , lol ,

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

if you have some profit from it,even small,then everything is good!just important that you dont lose much money!ofcourse you will have good and bad hands,but if you have bad hands for hour or two,then stop playing!why you didnt pay anything on this AK hand?dont understand why did you fold such a good hand!?

   0 . Nice hand Smile

Actually I don't play AK oop , only I raise HJ , CO , also MP3 just to take/steal the blinds , in a lot of action I am ready to fold . I like AK on BU or on the blinds when I am very short stacked . Also I limp EP in order to shove when I get raised and I have short stack . But yes , generally on the ZOOM 9max I play it very carefully/passively . , the other player had 1010 , if I went all in preflop I am sure I wouldn't have won . If you have ever tried out ZOOM 9max , you would know by now the reasons of not playing AK , too many bad beats , especially preflop .......

Very stupid way to play your Aces on the SB or BB , better raise too high , even if one of the players or limpers in the hand is very low stacked and he'll go all in . But you never know , he might fold as well . The ore players in the hand the harder to play your AA oop . Raise big , if evryone fold and you don't get paid , who cares , at least YOU WONT pay them due to bad run/board LOL . Be ready to fold AA when a llot of action takes place from the other players , also in 2nl rarelly they bluff too big , usually small or medium bluffs , lol

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