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Sheldon Adelson Richest Casino Billionaire in the World

Forbes' annual list of the world's richest people, the world's billionaires list in 2020, has showed that Sheldon Adelson, the founder and chairman of Las Vegas Sands, is the richest casino billionaire in the world. Ranked on the 28th spot in the list, the 86-year-old casino entrepreneur has a net worth of $31.2 billion. The richest person alive in the gambling industry, Adelson owns over half [...]   Read more » Sheldon Adelson Richest Casino Billionaire in the World

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we can see how much money people leave in casino and how much this owners earn on players and you can imagine how much would they have if they have online sites!but when I see age on this owners,cant say that this worth much to them at this moment!they cant enjoy much in that ages,but kids will have a lot of this after he die!

We can certainly see the assets of the casino owners but this can make some people not play there anymore. Sometimes you are surprised because they do not offer too many prizes, but get too rich. It's not too pretty and it has to offer higher prizes for gamblers.

Covid dont care howe many money you have, remember this, mobsters! Dont forget to told your family good words and show them how mach you love them. Good health to all mobsters.

this period will affect on them and will lose lot of money now when they are closed,but you can be sure that at moment when everything back to normal,people will come to spend money,to gamble,to drink,to do everything that they couldnt do in last month or two!so they will back this amount very fast and maybe even more!I am not afraid for them!

wow , Adelson has 31 billions , many other casino owners have many billions . Casino industry is very profitable as it seems Smile All these whales , going at Adelson's casinos and losing so much have made him so rich . I can only imagine and fantasize his everyday life , eat like a king , F like a king , drinks , parties , b****s Smile This is how to live life Big Smile
Besides his aggressiveness towards online poker (maybe online casinos as well ???) , I have to admit he is a person that many are jealous of , his fortune , his lifestyle , the connections that he haqs in Washington and the republican party Smile

What a fortune! Sureley he would give 99% of it changing with ten more years of life, and if he have any diseas, he might give all for one year! As we remembered by the corona virus, the biggest fortune is a long life! His group of casinos have the Venetian, that I could see in the Blog of Rigel Vlog. He is a Latinoamerican´s players of poker.

This casino owner has reached multi billionaires and luck has done it with his hand, but the truth is as i said in the first comment... I do not praise him, i don't accuse him, but he was very good at this business and now he is in 1st place in a top.

maragatero ... LOL ... reading the first two lines of your post ....LOL , LOL , LOL

Posted by maragatero:
What a fortune! Sureley he would give 99% of it changing with ten more years of life, and if he have any diseas, he might give all for one year!

Rich guys ,not just personally Adelson but all rich guys , do not waste their money . even the very very rich guys , the billionaires , like the gates or bezos etc . Money is total power . Even for such things that you describe , as health or life expectance . They wold give the necessary money , NOTHING MORE !!!

If one super healer , a miracle man or whatever came to one of them and told them '' give me all your billions to live 10 more years , or twenty years or thirty years "" they would give happily by all means only one thing , what is this ??? Their SH** !!!!! Smile Even if you told them '' just give me 99% not all , keep 50 , 100 or 200 millions for the rest of your life , it's enough to live in luxury or much too better for this extra decade , than the normal low paid slaves , they wouldn't agree , if they were rational enough , with clear thought and not in extreme delusional pain with no relatives/beloved people to protect them on that painful or extremelly weak situation .

Better live 30 years like a king , absolute dominant , powerfull , a total supreme f***r , than live 50-60-100 years like a multimillionaire , or a millionaire or a multi-thousandaire, but without the absolute power to do or F whatever you want !!!!Ofcourse to live 100 more years like a poor , out of discussion!! Even if they told them you will live like a 20 years old young man for this extra century !!! So much they love power , so much they love money . Which is absolutely rational Smile

They want everything very cheap !!They would try to achieve and get this gift by extortion , financial or psychological warfare , punishments , threats and force you with their power or the coordinated power of their powerfull friends . In the end they would get what they want , and you get the peanuts Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile or the bananas ........
The healthcare personnel , who save their lives , who elongate their life time expectance , get just some more $$ than the rest of the peanut salary workers !!!! Most docs are slaves kinda of , if you take into consideration their studies , their degrees , their capabilities !!!!!The scientists who make life changing discoveries for our health and our life expectance , instead of multimillions , they get some thousands or tens of thousands more of $$$ . Cr*p !!!
The ''celebrities'' of TV , movies , showbusiness etc win cou ntless more money than these scientists /docs , lol . The system works fine Smile

The true priority in life ??? maximum exploitation , maximum unlimited F****s , supreme force to punish and not to get punished !!!! Everything else is completely subordinate , inferior , or just nonsense !!!! ....

Few days after, the daughter of a big millonaire Agentinian, write about his death" Despite all his millions, his relations, and his enormous power to make that the things happen, he died lonely, without anyone being able to get close, trying to get something free that he needed...the air!" It is possible that the millions doesn´t make them smarts, but is really stupid choose the money and not life.

antonis321,its normal that when you make first million,you want to make more and you will invest in other things!thats how things go in life,same as they earn first billion,they will try to make few billions more!thats normal in life,when you have something,you want more in life!its in human nature!

Choose the money and not life ?? Maragatero LOL Big Smile Choose the good life and not so much money I agree , but choose life and live like a poor ?? Live like a slave , just to be able to live 20-50 years more ?? thanks , but no thanks , keep this ''gift'' for yourself Smile

Get rich , or die tryin BlinkBetter Smile Die rich and live trying Blink

Better live ONE year , 6 months , or even ONE only uturly F***ing month (!!!) like the Seldon kind of guys do , than live 100 years like a poor or slave kind of worker . LOL Big Smile

dulevu ,
I agree , no problem with that at all Smile It's absolutely normal , it is the force that motivates us do more , and exceptional things in life , this is our purpose , this is our nature , that makes life more interesting to live Smile

I don't have problem with the rich guys , I love wathcing their lifestyle , I would love being one of them , if I said sth different I would be a total hypocrite Blink

I just have problem with the ones who are licking their as***** thinking that they will earn a lot when they ACTUALLY get peanuts or nothing , lol, stupid and retards , but in reality slaves of these richguys and their muppets/ right hand men , their brainwashing R propaganda is the least I want to listen to , LOL Smile Problem with the priests , idiot poor , journalists , puppets paid by them , ones who believe these men will save us , when they care only for their ass and how to make more billions and F everything Smile (absilutely rational Smile ) Smile

But if somepeople really get/win some money or power by these richguys , that's very nice and cool , good for them , the right thing to do , ofcourse I also want profit , BIG PROFIT , no just work for them like a slave or be brainwashed to be their (or even worse , their right hand minions' or muppets' ........ ) B***H , LOL Smile

Middle class poncies , very poor guys in great need or not , the puppet guys for all rich men dirty jobs are times worse , more liars , more snakes , more dangerous , sneaky , ruthless , ''cheap men '' , immoral , lurking , VERY IMPORTANT : 100% MORE INCOMPETENT , than the very rich people or the billionaires Smile nouveau riche or some complexed not so rich poncies with only just few millions of $$$$ (probably stolen , not deserved lol) , or some extremist right wing rich poncies , are excluded by this rule , lol Smile At least this is what I believe Smile

AN interesting article.
And we can see that in the top if the list are people from poker stars,
bet365 and playteck
All well know companies of course with big revenue each year.
Figures in money like this seem mythical and yet tru for some Smile

I remember when the richest man had 40-45 billions of dollars many years ago , I believe it was Bill Gates . Now , 15-20 years later , so many with $40 billions , also Bill Gates has reached $100 billions , Zeff Bezos has more than $100 billions . Technology fore sure , energy , gambling , food industry , metal and mining operations , media , ofcourse absolutely rational and good that some of the owners of these businesses have become billionaires Smile But then again , so many from fashion and reatail section have too many billions lol .......

yes,more and more people have billions on accounts,but you must know that its not same to have 40 billions 20 years ago and now!its not same value of money!you can imagine how much this 40 billions worth in today money,much more!in todays world its much easier to earn money,with internet jobs,marketing and everything!you can just see how much they pay football players!

Peoples with heavy business are very rich and on this planet there are many businessmen who are millionaires. We should not be surprised by the fact that the internet but also the large number of people contributes to their billions, when they choose to spend their money there.

Being a billionaire is awesome !! Work for a billionaire , especially directly , if he needs your capabilities , is awesome , you can make a lot of profit , then be a millionaire yourself one day !!! Hopefully you are not one of his countless cows to milk for pennys , then just cry Cool

Guys like Adelson are very lucky to be so successfull , they and their supporting friends have built their empires on this world , they now have the right to enjoy a very good living , so jealous of this Cool

Ofcourse , if he had a better attitude towards online poker , that would make him more pleasant to me . If I am not mistaken , he's one of the powerfull persons despising greatly online poker , has fought against it in the past , ofcourse in favor of his and his buddies' land based casinos .

Interest and seeking profits , very natural and logical . Ofcourse these isolation days , he might wishes he also had an online poker room , or shares in one of the existed rooms , to keep on winning profits . Online poker ,as well as online casinos , show their importance and contribution to people's entertainment as well as to their salary as an extra income , especially these days . Combine fun and profits at the same time , couldn't be better Smile

People who make money since they are young have the greatest chance of becoming millionaires or billionaires. This casino owner has studied and learned how to do business and after that the money started coming. His money are made carefully and now is in top.

you have different types of billionaires,those who will already be rich and will get money when they father or mother die and then they will earn more and more with their business and those who will invent something and with that they will earn billions!so you must respect this people who will make something from almost nothing!

LOL , there is no better thing than the inheritance , and no worst thing than somebody steling your inheritance !! LOL (Just saying Blink) . These sons or daughters that got these money from their parents , rarelly from other realatives of them , and they live like kings thanks to them , omg , so jealous I feel Smile Some people work in inhuman conditions , even nowadays , to earn pennys or $1 every day , and these rich have billions because of their parents . I wish I was adopted Big Smile Just kidding Big Smile

But if sb wins money from nothing he deserves absolute respect , and ofcourse respect his right to demise it to anyone he pleases , his money ... his fortune .....his will to whom or where he will give them Smile

The billionaires are too many nowadays . Then imagine how many are the multi millionaires , faaaaarrr too many !! The think of the millionaires , COOOUUUNTLEEESSSS !!! The billionaires are more , also their billions are more , and there is not inflation (or big inflation) last decades , so their fortune has increased really too much , they have far more money in real terms of power , they can buy far more things than before , not 1-10 of these very rich guys , but all of them !!!!!

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