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The good ole days of WSOP Main Event qualifiers  0   
I really miss the big seat satellites on Pokerstars, Fulltilt and UB/Absolute. I won a seat to the Main Event in 2009 through Fulltilt's 150 seat guarantee. Pokerstars would hold a 200 seat and UB/Absolute a 50 seat guarantee every Father's Day. Hoping these guarantees return one day. Anyone else win a seat in these guarantees and go on to cash at the World Series Of Poker Main Event?

It's not that easy because in the past there were few poker rooms and more places in qualifiers for major tournaments. Now players have migrated to other sites... where they play, and their numbers have decreased in every day.

I think nowadays they allow these qualifiers for the poker rooms that is their sponsor , that means 888poker the previous years , I think , I am not sure Smile
But , anyway , in the past there were so many opportunities to make more money at the poker rooms , the sats , these many qualifiers that you mention , I would add the great number of freerolls they had , also very big prizes for these freerolls , you could play for free and earn money for fun , while you were learning how to play , also regulations were not so strict , in my country I had access to innumerable casinos or poker rooms , this has changed now .
Now this is old news , things are tougher , less free or big offers , games are more demanding in skills and strategies , less promotions , especially by JokerStars Smile

That's how it was in the past and you're definitely right. I like those times when you could make money much easier than nowadays. When poker rooms started to multiply, balance has dropped enormously for sites and players.

calicul , if you mean that because of more smaller ''players'' (poker rooms ) in the poker industry , the value of the poker industry and their quality has dropped , I do not agree, It's not a matter of more competition , less profits or less players per poker room .

It's above all the governments , which decided to play tough vs the betting companies , the US started and lead this campaign we all know when , most or all countries followed their ''good'' example ...
With all these new regulations , new taxes , new bans from countries to poker or all betting activity , with less markets , smaller markets , more fees for licence the poker industry , also casino , is facing hostile treatment for sure , not a good or perfect invironment for the industry to ''blossom'' Blink

Also , another fact is the GTO gamplay , the professional gameplay for every hand , every pot , on cahs games or tourneys , this in combination with the HUDs and some other permitted very effective/intelligent new programs , they have victimised the new players , their deposits are reducing to zero very soon , so they are discouraged to go on depositing , because they constantly lose .

Less fish or new deposits means less money for the poker rooms , this means less promotions , less freerolls ss they want to tighten the noose in your neck , forcing you to play more money of yours , or impose very strict terms for winnings from freerolls , very few freerolls on many sites nowadays ..... So they offer less these days , but this is a vicious circle , less promotions or freerolls means less fish , less fish even less promotions and freerolls , and the circle goes on and on ... ............

Well, of course the satellites were reduced, but there are other rooms that are getting the batteries, doing free tournaments to make banking, we must continue to see what promotion is more acceptable.

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