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Lucky BitStarz Player wins 15,216RUB from 3RUB Bet on Book of Santa Slot

BitStarz is home to big winners, and there are many big winners born every week. Last month, they are pleased to announce yet another big winner on the site, who took home a massive 5,072x multiplier from free spins mode in Book of Santa slot. The lucky player bagged an awesome 15,216RUB from just a 3RUB bet - talk about an early Christmas gift from Santa! The folks from Endorphina, the creato[...]   Read more » Lucky BitStarz Player wins 15,216RUB from 3RUB Bet on Book of Santa Slot

Lucky BitStarz Player wins 15,216RUB from 3RUB Bet on Book of Santa Slot  0   
I know that this is very big multiplier and its made from free spins mode and very small stake,but how can you start news with words big winner!?I know that this is only 0,034 e bet and that he got 170 e,but how is that big winner?bitstarz love to say how they give big jackpots and other things and now they advertise when somebody get 170 e on slots!very strange!

I hope I can win a jackpot in the slot machine until now I could not do it, I think that by being constant in the game I will win it, always taking care of your bank to play and not lose everything.

That's awesome multiplier on his bet , 15.000 multiplier onhit total winings , a real jackpot for him Smile Not the first time such a thing happen in BitStarz , in their Casino many players have hit many big multipliers or jackpots . i also like very much these book of ''sth'' game slots , they are really a big hit and a saga , players like them so much Smile

how do you mean 15000 multiplier,its 15000 rubles,its not multiplier,you can see that its 5072 x!they have big winnings,but every time we dont know anything about winners and they only have advertisment like this,thats why I dont believe them much!
for example,they had two times promotion with tesla!when promotion start,they give news here,but when it finish,they dont give news about winners!why?if you make news about winners like this,why wouldnt you give free promotion for site and to tell players who got this car!?

BitStarz came strong from behind and makes many winners with good prizes, awards, jackpots or promotions. The amount of money is consistent. You can always choose this casino for what it offers compared to other competitors.

/my bad dule vu , my bad Big Smile Yes you are right , but still it's a very good win . I love when I hit the free spins , then additional free spins are awarded for a very good symbol , maybe one of the top two or the top three then you hit one very good spin and very good payout , amiracle payout , then play a little more to see if it will pay a little more , or else take the profits and gtfo of thre , call it a day lol Smile Especially when you play with the profits or you havery little loses during the session then you win very big , this is the ideal dreamy imaginary super cool payout , but not so usual lol Smile

Antonis, which is the biggest jackpot you've ever heard of and was awarded in Greece. In Romania it was around over 100,000 dollars. A big and good amount for level of players here, which is not as big as in the past. They left to other countries for work and don't make such big rakes anymore...

till they start to show some pictures,videos or anything,I dont believe them with this news!they just publish something and how some player get big win,but nothing to see and to make some inteview or anything!they probably just want to make news how can you win big from nothing!

Calicul , I have never hit a jackpot win , anywhere , on slot game , or anywhere else , it's my dream to happen . I have also never witnessed anything like this live on a casino , ofcourse I have seen this on TV or on youtube on casino or online on slots . Especiallly live on casino it really is very cool when you see it , lol . I have also read about a scammer who managed to identify in the past a particular way to trigger the jackpot in a slo machine with a specific combination of the buttons and the bet combos (loss-wins) , they caught him in the end , LOL Big Smile

I have only once a very good win with very low buyin on Jokerstar which I lost everything next week , ofcourse , also many good results on other sites like bwin , but not more than x200 multiplier as far as I can remember for big bet like $4 or $5 Smile

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Depending on people and their ability to think or experience, money can be obtained from scams. They will certainly not tell how did it, if manage to fool casinos and receive big rewards or jackpot. Maybe in his old age when he won't give anything back but with a false name for not to be recognized.

I like to play in online casinos for their fun table games, but you have to know that it is not profitable because you lose a lot of money, but if you entertain yourself very well, what this casino shows are good promotions where many players play it for the reason that It is big, that attracts more, but you have to be aware of that.

Fake Casino

I only heard nice words on internet about this Casino BitStarz, and don't know what to say. Said a few ideas in the past, where i was voted down, but that was about awarding prizes, not about their fairness. Maybe, you were unlucky or who knows...

BankrollMob Forum » News » Lucky BitStarz Player wins 15,216RUB from 3RUB Bet on Book of Santa Slot

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