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Next Japan Prime Minister Suga also a Casino Supporter

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Posted on 16 September 2020 by "T".
The chances of casino resorts being allowed to be put up in Japan someday has gotten stronger as of Monday, as 71-year-old Yoshihide Suga secured his position to become the nation's next Prime Minister. Yoshihide Suga, has been elected the next president of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), thus paving the way for him to become the succeeding Prime Minister. The LDP elected Suga to repla[...]   Read more » Next Japan Prime Minister Suga also a Casino Supporter

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This prime minister can solve many things quite easily when the position allows it and he has many allies on his side. An order received from above will change a law and people will be able to enjoy with live games in casinos. Normalcy returns.

they know what they can get if they open this big casino resorts and what money they will earn as country!they will get big amount from taxes,tourists will come in their country and will play and in situation with corona,where every economy is in problems,they need extra money as goverment,so they will allow this!

It would be good if they open casinos in Japan, the community would continue to grow on a large scale, more players, the game would become more fun, of course it would benefit the country by taxes since its GDP increases

I didnt know that japanese goverment didnt allow big casinos to come on their market and to allow people to gamble!maybe they dont like this kind of things in their culture!but now they see how big problems every country have with money,so they will alow to earn money from taxes!they need lot of money for olympic games and they cant miss this!

Japan have a growing in the field of casinos and citizens of this country they got to play more than in previous years. Learned this new pleasure and are interested in these slots for fun or money. Anyway, owners are happy because are profit.

now with the corona virus crisis everything has gone back , delays , postponements , casinos operators and businesses are frustrated . This virus has crated such a destruction worldwide . Hopefully , step by step , everything will go back to normality . There is will . Suga will be the the next prime minister hopefully . and he wnts casinos to be in his country , this is vey good news indeed for Japan and not only .

yeah,everything will back and they even close right now lot of things in some countries,so I am afraid that we will be again problems in next months and that they will close bars,restaurants,football games for us!
but japan have much bigger problem and that problem is olympic games!they invested so much money and they think that they will not be a chance to have them in next year also!they spent billions of dollars and they dont want to have them without people on stadiums!

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