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Sorry I made a withdrawal of mob points to partypoker on September 10, how long does it take to deposit into my account, thanks in advance.

Aww crap!

Dear, I think I have already seen you in several places asking the same thing.
There is no need to ask so much, and open multiple threads for the same thing. The money will come.
Be patient. If you go crazy fast to get the money, surely you lose it fast too.
BRM is a reliable site, your money may take time, but it arrives.

Try reading the other threads about withdrawal because you can't open others with same kind of question. It doesn't matter if u retire in party poker or skrill. Idea is that we have to wait a few weeks sometimes. There are also delays but is ok.

Dear, how was it? I assume you have already received your respective payment.
It would be nice if you stopped by and let them know if they did. I say because it is not good to just appear in the forum to complain, and never thank.
I think it is appropriate, in addition to helping others who have the same doubts, that it is a reliable site.

It's just a simple question where people are in a hurry to gamble their money. Now he has disappeared from the site and that means he is playing in Party Poker and is very good. It cannot be done otherwise because we have to play for more money.

I had issues with my first point withdrawl to partypoker, I thought I was getting scammed but. everythong worked out. Bankrollmob is legit and honest. Don't worry about when just be happy you will get it. So many scam sites out there. Glad to see an honest one like bankrollmob.
Good luck with your roll on partypoker.

only problem with payouts on party poker or skrill can be if you put wrong username or e-mail and then that you need to contact BRM because of that,but on skrill money come in same second and on party maybe few days more,because they put money on account.not BRM!so when you press cashout,you will get your money and you just need to wait!there is no way that BRM will trick you!

BankrollMob it didn't disappoint me at all so far in the withdrawals chapter. He was fair and honest but many mobsters they want money quickly into their accounts. Others enter in panic if 7-10 days pass. There is no need for this because they will receive $.

Hopefully his problem has been solved by now , about geseco12 Smile

But reading the title made me wondering whether it would be a good idea in the future for the BRM crew to enable , in the use mobpoints aree of the mob account , the option to share the withdrawing amount of money , either it's the minimum 5.000 moboint ($50) or more , to the both optuons , skrill and partypoker .

For example if it's $50 , to be ableto withdraw $20 to PartyPoker and $30 to skrill , or if it's $70 , to witjhdraw $30 to PartyPoker and $40 to Skrill. Because one BRM player might not want to want to withdraw all money to PartyPoker , because he has no big frequency of games or buyins of games , as he is not a good poker player , or he he might have other reasons , which dictate a low bankroll limit (control of losses , possibility of withdrawal approve in the end , any other risks etc ) in his account Smile

Also is it possible to withdraw to Bwin or only to PartyPoker account name ??? Does anyone knows ?? I could transfer them all Smile

Just a thught Smile Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

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you can make this kind of transactions,you must make 50 $ or more on for example on party poker and then if you have more points,you can make antother 50 $ on skrill,but you can make 20 $ on poker and 30 $ on skrill,its just big job and they cant lose so much time on this kind of things,so you must choose one option!
they dont do transactions on bwin,just on party poker,even this is same site!

I will make a withdrawal in a few days because i still need 80 points for that. I'm not the kind of person to write a thread for ask when money will come into my account. I've learned from past. BankrollMob is nice & trust exists. I'm not afraid.

Posted by CALICUL:
I will make a withdrawal in a few days because i still need 80 points for that. I'm not the kind of person to write a thread for ask when money will come into my account. I've learned from past. BankrollMob is nice & trust exists. I'm not afraid.

80 points ?? Congrats Calicul , so close . Worship

i agree Calicul , you do the right thing .

The same thing I do in another forum . I was waiting for a month to be paid , I sent the first pm (there you contact the admin with pm saying what you won , the event , the prize , the thread-proof) , then waited for a month , I was ready to send one more pm , but didn't need to , i got the money ($20). If I had sent the second pm after a month , and still no money in my account after one more month , I wouldn't send a third after the second month , not start a thread to attack admin or the site reputation . I would go on with what I could keep on taking from that site from that moment and for ever , no reason to start a polemic rhetoric against the site reputation , I have won freeroll money , rewards from them , accusing them won't do good to them and therefore to me on the long run , even if I was right or if I hadn't any profit on the long run , that still would be would be sh***y ingratitude from my side for the past profits and whatever I lived there Smile .

imho these threads are spam , they shoud be deleted , there are too many in the forum every time , in the best case the suuport to send them a automatic email (the same to everyone) repeating the same things :

This automatic email should tell them , or should I say remind them , that payments are being made every 7 days workind days , sometimes might delay for more days , especially during holidays , they should not spam the forum with these messages , they should do patience , they should not message the support for these matters , you will be paid , be patient , we pay many at the same time , not one by one every time when every member wants and desires , when he makes the requests .

You know , a email like this to his account once . If he repeats it second time , ban him for two weeks , third time, ban him for one month , 4 time , say him sayonara for ever from BRM , lol Smile , cause apparently he does it on purpose to buzz , distract and annoy admins and BRM support team 24/7 ,

Btw , if sb , everywhere , wants to pay you , he will pay you , BRM pays , noone has any complaint tto make . There are rules , like no cheating in the mob games , no earning mob points only by posting , etc , if you follow these rules you can cashout , simple as that ,There are many ways to earn mobpoints and cash them out .

Also , why some people behave like crazy ??? If sb in life wants to pay you his FRE MONEY , which is HIS , his OWN , A GIFT , he can do it or not , it's in his discretionary There are some reasons for not paying you , you might have broke a TOS rule or sth like this , be patient generally , be cool . They are their money Not yours ,

Now , for BRM , specifically , I do not represent BRM , it's my personal opinion all these Smile Wait four weeks , if you haven't been paid , most probably noone hasn't been paid . Sb might say 4 weeks is a lot , I say 4 weeks is not a lot , you won't be saved with $50 Smile wait 4 weeks , at least
3 weeks , then send BRM support an email , if this is possible , or else keep on waiting , they are their money , free money , free gift . There are not such sites in the world like BRM giving away free bankroll money , just to play such callendar , safe games or any games , enjoy it Smile

Good luck for all your games Smile

well,you have everything on account,where mob section is!they have small letters where they say 4 to 8 working days,but ofcourse it can be longer!but people always ask when they pass 7 days,with weekends,so its not working days and they just open new threads and spam!its not so hard to read few terms!

hi guys,
i ve made an withdraw on 6 this month on partyp0ker because my bankroll is down the river Big Smile
,made withdraws before and know how it works , no rushing. Only that a new promo has started (Magic cards) and it will be much apreciated if i can participate sooner .
Much thanks in advance Worship

it would be nice if this site could transfer directly to players' accounts in several poker rooms like Unibet, 888 or Pokerstars, because i read in brm that people still play there and for Party it already exists. I think it's a good decision or even in some casinos.

I hope you received the money by now because you left no answer here to know what happened. However, this site always pays and you just have to be patient because money can sometimes come in with a small delay. Good luck with your games

last week i received some money and everything is very good. I would have liked to direct them to party poker and to play there, but due to restrictions in my country it's not possible. I don't understand how a poker room can give up so easily in some countries, but this is the situation and we must to adapt.

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