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WSOP 2009 Main Event Runner-up Darvin Moon Passes Away at 56

Darvin Moon, the notable 2009 WSOP Main Event runner-up, sadly passed away Saturday due to complications from surgery. Details of the cause of death are not yet publicly disclosed. The American self-employed logger and amateur poker player from Maryland was 56. Moon was better known by many in the poker community as the amateur poker player who, even though it was his first time to play in the [...]   Read more » WSOP 2009 Main Event Runner-up Darvin Moon Passes Away at 56

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I cant say that I know something about this player,but when you read this news that he is dead because of complications from surgery!this can be for many reason and now its question who made mistake or this was something that could happen!probably he did signed something that if this happen,doctor will not be guilty,but they will need to publish everything about this in next weeks!

Life is like that, today we are, tomorrow we are not, good for him, for winning his second place in the tournament, he won more than 5 million, it hurts that he did not dedicate himself professionally, he would have remained in history, well my condolences for the family.

What can i say is that: people if they have the opportunity to take care of their health to prevent premature death must do it. You can't wait too long and make the situation worse. It's sad now but this is it. Condolences to his family.

R.I.P Darvin Moon

I read the news , his story is so inspirational for normal people , casual poker players , who wanna have one day the moneymaker payday and win big . He didn't went pro like him , instead he went back to his normal job , that's so cool for me , he could have a sponsor , at least for 1 or 2 years , try to see if he could leave the big dream of the Las Vegas casino lifestyle , in the hotels , maybe get a sponshorship from online pokerrooms , maybe take part in tv shows , and the dream never ends , but no , he was grounded , he returned to his job . How many would they have done the same /?? I guess we could count them with the fingers of one hand .... Excellent story , awesome personality ....

He left very young , 56 , due to surgery comlications , so bad news , only 56 ...our condolences to his wife and his family .

you he had probably everything in life and he could enjoy in rest of life,as you say only 56 years old,but who know what happend on this surgery!was this something that it could happen and they said to him before operation or they made mistake and that now he is dead because of doctors!we will see in next days!

Yes, 56 is very young , and yes I am sure he had all the love he wanted in life , the true love , he seemed like a true man , a real guy and man , a simple guy and man , most men's brains , easily
can fil with air and turn in just one day , and start thinking with the first great victory that they are gods or super stars or sth unique or they can fly or whatever , but not this grounded guy ...... I just hope it wasn't a doctor's mistake or sth like that , above all I hope he wasn't in pain in his last moments .



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We do not know what the situation is when our spirits leave bodies and die but many people say about us that are guilty that do not take care of our health properly. Partly it is true because in serious diseases many peoples have nothing to do.

BankrollMob Forum » News » WSOP 2009 Main Event Runner-up Darvin Moon Passes Away at 56

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