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So i had $6 in cashapp i transfered to btc and sent directly to Rounder cashier wallet address. it was about 0.0004567 (i know big spender) sent using my phone to scan the box on their pc software cashier. it sent right off. some sites have a minimum and cashapp will detect this and block transfer. it did not block. i recieved multiple emails and notifications from cashapp that the transfer was confirmed again and again. all this is normal stuff with btc transfers nothing out of the ordinary. usually the site will confirm through email it is coming. well after 11 confirmations nothing else happened, no credit showed up in my verified rounder account. no history. no support of theres could find it. they have the same btc address always up. usually a site has a refreshing address. so i guess this is a warning? A bug? an accident? a theft? not sure. ill include some screen shots for those curious. my advice, send a higher btc amount maybe? maybe they have no minimum set on the blockchain but the site has a minimum deposit for incoming. either way it gone and rounder support wont even help me out for my inconvenience. I dont have much and i always put my winnings back. Be good humans rounder.

Another note. Rounder had been a fun place to sit and play. Legit site from what ive seen. Great freeroll events. Active newsletters. Vip accounts. Rake. Leaderboard events. Rake and depositing events. fair gaming. smooth software. fast customer support response. They have some kinks but they seem to care about the customers experience. Thumbs Up

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Very strange because it's only 6 dollars and nobody puts their name in danger for that amount of money. I don't know what to say but it could be a mistake of software error, or it takes few days for casino to send. Something strange happens there if they do not answer. Maybe they went bankrupt.

I think I found the answer. Small transfers can take up to 7 days. Nothing against Rounder other than they should post in cashier a minimum deposit.
My post was meant more as a warning to depositors not to micro transfer.
It was also me begging for funds from Rounder.

for me it is strange that they allow to make such a small cashouts and that there is no some limit!most of other casino have at least 10 e/$,so its strange that allow only 6 $ for transfer,especially when you didnt make any deposit!
and one thing more,as we can see you are from USA,so how do you play online?you are from state that allow you?if this is correct,from which state you are?

This issue is a deposit. I used cash app. I exchanged cash for btc in this app then withdrew the balance of btc using the cash app wallet. (Which I'm aware is risky) The apps wallet scanned the Rounder btc address in Rounder casinos pc software and accepted the transfer.

You are correct, neither the wallet, the btc exchange, or the Casinos wallet address had minimum limits set. I think the btc wallet for casino can accept it but the casino itself might have a minimum.
That could be why support cant find the transfer.
Just my thoughts.

My state you cannot gamble money online. I'm also a resident of a state that you can. Legal or not this human will play poker for cash. Most sites get around the laws by using a sweepstakes purchase . "Buy into this contest, real cash prize for winners". But then the big step is getting a u.s. bank institution to accept a transaction. Almost all flag , block, and freeze bank accounts trying to gamble online. So there's a special bank you use to load funds and assure them it's not for gambling. So 'cause America I play online and gamble. I'm a Maine resident and live in Mississippi, I'm literally surrounded by casinos. The thrill of bankrolls building. Events popping off. Hitting that bink on the slot or jamming every cent till your broke. Writing threads in hopes of handouts or community recognition is my kind of human experience I'm happy to be hyperfocused on. But when I have to use Crypto and Skrill to fund this I go through many sites and many accounts. Knowledge of these exchanges is mostly obtained by first hand experience as this online economy is constantly changing.

Thus I micro transfer here and there deposit transfer play break even withdraw. Just kidding I gamble till it's gone and dont ever regret a bet. What's messed up is the greedy minds that beat on people just going about there human existence. Fair gaming means the software is sound. But people can change the fairness by communication of cards I learned is called shadowing. Software that uses players data to reveal or tell. I don't mind playing against such advantage. The only thing that bothers me is a real cheating hacker or thief that will steal from another humans pocket. I made a deposit and it hasn't resurfaced yet. Could have played a game. Maybe hit a bink. Had some funds to make that add-on to my chip stack. The Rounder casino will not empathize with missing funds. I don't blame them. I'm no high roller. If I was it was short lived my winnings get thrown back in like a law in physics.

So just some knowledge shared if it's relevant. Referrals for these apps and sites I will give just pm. Questions and advice just ask. Be a good human.

I am glad because you will receive money ( even if it is 7 days later from beginning of transfer). This thing doesn't matter too much. Maybe their software works slower or the rule works in this way with virtual currencies. Good luck

so you need to pass lot of ways,to be able to gamble on some site!its so strange when you read how you need to pass all laws,to find bank who will allow you this tranfers and so on!very strange when you are in that situation and when you cant do whatever you want with your own money!

Virtual currencies when they appeared were fear of banks around the world for a period that probably never ended. These methods should have been simple for all transactions but is not always the same. This is what happens when frustration occurs in minds of bankers.

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