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Katmandu Gold (ELK Studios)

Swing wide open the snowy mountain gates in search of gold riches in Katmandu Gold, a new video slot released by ELK Studios. Exhausted from traveling the world in search of hidden gold, Kane desperately needs a relaxing vacation. What better place to find inner peace than up in the high Nepalese mountains? Yet faith strikes once again as he finds the ancient rumors of temple gold to be true. [...]   Read more » Katmandu Gold (ELK Studios)

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katmandu gold a good slot, where kane needs to relax and what better place to go to the mountains of nepal, good game initiative with great prizes on the doors, and you can also play it from a mobile device, plus it has special features, big symbol, avalanche expansion of profit. etc as well as great bonuses for how much you play in the casino.

dont understand why they make such a teasers where you cant see almost anything,where you cant see at least some spin and how slot will look,just that you will have buy in future option and what kind of bonus you can get,but other things not!
we can read in news that symbols size can be big,box size up to 4x4,so this is something that this company make on their last slots and probably will on next in future also!

A million coins is gorgeous. Who doesn't want to earn such huge sums? This new slot game is favorable for gamblers of these casino games. Try to play it because a consistent win can come at any time if goddess of luck is favorable for you.

this game says it has 531,441 ways to win. I think it is one of the most interesting chances to win. I've seen 100k and 200k before, but that surpasses all the slots where I read about their ways of offering. This game really deserves to be played.

it's great how many chances of winning there are, but when it comes to taking money we can't ... We should find out the other loss figures. I think the chances are consistent at the loss and that's why we have to play and hope, for those small chances on the winning side.

we always must to play relaxed and with pleasure, but if we are not financially stable, let's be careful not to lose all the bankroll and after that to get annoyed or things like that. The slot game is interesting, it is worth playing and maybe a win with a little luck is very nice.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Katmandu Gold (ELK Studios)

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