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whats a good fair poker room

The best poker room right now is Party Poker, because Pokerstars has more dangerous software on turn and river... 888 is also good. From these three can try to see how it is. Good luck with that and you must to choose where you like.

dangerous softwareon turn and river ????????????????

you are sooo funny Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

let me inform you guys....onlinepoker : aggression is key

many times ive noticed when you shove allinn with deasent hand against stronger hand you get rewarded

same situation :same startinghands : you slowplay or play less agressive..and other player shoves vs you....he will get rewarded with best flop ...seen this overand over again

conclusion : Aggression is key !!!! Spade Heart Club Diamond

I'm not funny at all, because it's the reality that blocked me from making money Aww crap!

i stopped playing at pokerstars back in2013 i think ...each and every Big payout final table i reached ..somehow i lost connection and could not loginn again for around 30minutes.,,i asked their support how this is possible...they toldme it has to do with my internet..what a joke again..

so when i play on a daily basis 7 days in a row connection works soon as i reach a finaltable..i get connection loss of the worstkind...omg ..closed my account after contacting support.

other reason to stop playing at and then i got an email from them ..telling me they refunded me with couple dollars because some players had been cheating in sng's i played the past day....never got more refunded then they calculate me tilting after
after a few lost allinnns ??????

my question !!! Has anybody had same experience at Pokerstars ???

Angry Angry Angry

best site i have ever played : Yachting poker via bankrollmob..they offered free 5 dollar at sign up ...

with freerolls running almost every hour + their daily besthandjackpot..i made over 1000 euro's

in around 2weeks time...and also was able to cash out on mybankaccount..

im not sure if theys still excist ??????????????

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I also got a few dollars back because of the bots, and now i have a problem with account connection. I talked to them, sent them documents and they forgot to help me with the account connection problem. Now i have to write them again and to see what happens. I need that account to play poker.

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