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YESSS! :)   +1   
Hi guys guess what im so excited today i had so much luck on my side i opened the right door at the calendar and also minutes after i cracked the mobsafe code!! Thats soo good feeling wow Heart I recommend to all of you keep trying and you will have also luck like me! Figer crossed Heart Smile

Edited by Wewerqa (20 February 2021 @ 17:44 GMT)

Hello. Congratulations for your 20 dollars, which you won after the opening of mob safe and 200 points with mob calendar. Now you will have to wait a while, to accumulate the rest of points and to withdraw a minimum of 5.000 mob points. We cannot withdraw less than this number. Good luck. Cool

yesterday I had 200 tickets from mob calendar,but didnt had luck to win 50 $ on draw!I see that player who had only 100 tickets from calendar also,got this main prize!just cant get this prize anymore,when I have tickets from calendar!but had luck few days ago to get 500 mob points on calendar,which is also good!

I won this month 2 prizes: 50 attempts for mob safe and 1,000 mob points. Awards are rarer than in previous years, but this is it. I noticed that some mobsters who were regulars here disappeared completely or some of them write very rarely.

this is mine
Mob Safe Winnings
» $30 (Nov-2020)
» $20 (Feb-2019)
» $20 (Feb-2019)
» $20 (Mar-2017)
» $30 (Feb-2017)
» $20 (Mar-2016)
» $30 (Feb-2016)
» $20 (Jul-2012)
» $20 (Aug-2011)

Mob Draw Winnings
» 5000 MobPoints (Dec-2018)
» 5000 MobPoints (Jun-2015)
» 5000 MobPoints (Jul-2012)
» 5000 MobPoints (Aug-2011)

Current Points 4,320
Total Earned 69,465
Signups: 620
Total Spent 65,145

Rogan11000, how did you open this mob safe with only 20 and 30 dollars per prize? You used a single mob shot always or more? because next time when you have more attempts must try for $40. You must to accumulate 400 attempts ( maximum at 24 hours ), that you can use for another mob safe cracked. Good luck.

It was all singl shoot

in last days I have luck to get some prize,so at least every few days something come and what is even better I get mob points or tickets for draw,something that I like,not this mob shots!so last night I got 200 mob points and its nice to have few prize in only 10,15 days,which wasnt case in first month of this year!

Wow Rogan you win all that with a single shot? Amazing. I have few times 50 and 100 shoots didn't win. But i did win one time with one shoot too. And i win one time the mob draw. But i envest like 1600 points. On mob calendar i win from time to time, and i have that big win in draw for the great start of the year. Overall i don't have a reason to complain Big Smile

Congrats on youre winnings.
I win sometimes to very nice prizes.

I think that he didnt understand post and it is some mistake in it,because he say that all was with single shot!you cant tell me that from 9 winnings on mob safe,every time he used only 1 mob shot!for sure this isnt case and he didnt understand question!some mistake in words that he write probably answer us on question!

if we make some calculations and see only prizes of 20 and 30 dollars, we can say that Rogan11000 used 9 shots for 9 wins. I think he always failed with 50 attempts. Anything is possible, and here although it is very difficult... this thing with 9/9 can be a record for the site.

Ok. Let's do the math.
I have 10 years×365 days = 3,650 shots to fire. Let it be 30 percent off its still big number =2555 times
I must correct my self only 1 shot wasn't singl one.
Around 47 times I had 50 shots. That's 2350 +(3650-30%) around= 4905 shots for 9 times to hit.

Edited by rogan11000 (28 February 2021 @ 08:31 GMT)

rogan you must have some problem with english,because now you say that only 1 shot wasnt single one?so you want to tell us that 8 times you guessed right combination and you used only 1 mob shot every time?
congratulation rogan on nice collection of this mob safe winnings!
also rogerio10 congratulation on another win on mob draw,it was second for you this month and must say that you have lot of luck,but I happy for you!

Congratulations Wewerqa on your win , cracking the mobsafe is always awesome feeling .It's very hard , the right numbeer , at the right time , and be lucky so as not anyone else to find the combination before you . I believe once only I cracked it with less than 50 shots , all the other times I used many mob shots and got lucky .

dule-vu One shot wasn't IN the single one. But you get it

I dont get it!you say that one shot wasnt,so eight of them was!
Can you say clear in few words,how many times did you guessed safe combination from single shot?so that you used only one shot for prize?

What's wrong with you Dule
8/9 was in single shot
1/9 was in the 50 mobSafe shots
Please get it
Aww crap!

Its not my fault that your english isnt good and that we cant understand your posts!
So you tell us that you had luck to hit 8 times combination from just 1 mob shot?
Cand believe how lucky you are and how you did this for so many times!you must bi only member that made this!

Rogan11.000, I give you an advice. Next time when you won 50 mob shots with mob calendar keep them in your account, because they do not expire. 400 must be accumulated and after that try your luck. Be careful that the prize to be $40 or more. Good luck.

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