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it's a thread where we tell our opinion and you don't have to tell me it's a spam, because is not. Look at how many embarrassing comments you have. I will not give you satisfaction because you do not deserve it. This is about open the doors and i gave my opinions. I know it's not normal for Eliza to open a thread, because she does not win prizes, but for that she is upset. Am i not allowed to talk about this, because you don't want to? Did you look in the mirror to see how many comments you have for the 10 points? but you talk about others?

your comment is about nothing and its not about thread that she made or anything that have with mob calendar,you write about covid!what a hell?what covid have with BRM,thread or did anybody got some prize on mob calendar!you dont have opinion,you just lie every day on forum and give wrong informations to members!

Here are many threads related to Covid because they turned upside down almost all casinos from the world or live poker. Another time i'm talking about Covid in the secondary mode and is given as an example for many things. Here i referred to him, because the prizes could be more but because of that i think there are fewer. It's just an opinion like many of the members.

I will say again,you are spammer and you talk just to talk and to collect points,even nobody talk about covid and other things,but what to say other when you say that we have less prizes in mob calendar because of corona Aww crap! Shock !
we can see in every thread how your posts dont have almost nothing with this forum!

you can say how much you want. I talk about the subject and the collateral things about the subject, and that means - i'm not a spammer. You are the first spammer here. You write every day for 10 points. You prove it 7 days a week and 365 days per year. You are 35 years old, and you are a disappointment for everyone in your life and on the internet. Don't accuse me. I have a reason to waste time on the internet with my sport betting, poker and sometimes slots, but you don't. You are here to attack all members when you don't like something. Your luck is that no one is punishing you, even if you deserve it. It was nice for BRM to have an option and to block you permanently.


Come on guys, no need to be angry to each other on this site. Especially in the internet, where this rude words means nothing at all. Just hope that everybody can respect each other a little bit more, this is the way we can make it i,m sure. I think the administration also wants everybody to be more respectfull for each other.

Posted by DinGo!:
I think the administration also wants everybody to be more respectfull for each other.

Yes, please!

It's amazing how much dule-vu and calicul responds to each other, despite the other posts are hidden from each one, and they need to confirm that they will not respond in a negative manner, before they can even see the post.

I hope it ends now.

DinGo!, the only culprit is dule-vu, because he always offends users here, but does not receive punishment. I sent two emails in 2020 and 2021 where i complained, but BRM did not answer. I reported his insults, but probably he is protected. His rivals who are offended receive punishment, but he does not. In 2-3 days he offended about 7 times, 3 users with me. I received the punishment one day, just because i answered him, but in a much more civilized way. He received nothing. Normally he had to be punished with 30 days for multiple insults, and after his punishment passed to a recurrence with 6 months, if he continues with insults.

Mr. Administrator, - Sorry for that, but this user must be seriously warned because is a
underdeveloped specimen.
. It's 100% his fault. When he doesn't like something, he starts offending.
He doesn't know how to speak like a civilized man and BRM have the
power to calm him down. This thing will make him to be a normal man,
because at that moment is not. For my part, it will end here.
Thank you.

Didnt know that word spammer is rude word?in what world is that?
Because nobody want to recat on this spammer,who is only spammer and will be only a spammer at this forum,I must write post to inform other users what problem is he for this forum!
He write in thread about mob prizes,how we have less them because of covid 19?this wouldnt child of 7 years write!what a hell covid have with prizes and to say that we have less them,even its normal number like past years!
He say to member and give advice him how he MUST collect 400 mob shots and then he can start clicking on combinations,even you can click whem you have 1,17 or 117 shots on account!
He write how good is party poker,how good are promotions at this site,no matter is it poker or casino,even he cant even opet their page and this is for years!how can you talk about something and to write in one day five posts in party poker thread,but you dont how this site even look like!
He spam in ever thread about casino games,even he dont play at all!I did put screen shots from 2017 where he say how he dont play them at all,but then he write he play them even before it and he play when he have 300 $ on account (even he dont have few cents on accoun ever) and then in next day he say in same thread that he play for little and in next day that he dont like them Shock !
And for end we can see what kind of words he use and what I use in last posts!will always react on this members and will not let that somebody ruin this great forum with post,like he do every day just to collect 50 points and dont have a single normal and useful post from his registration!you can even find my posts from 2017 how I warn him that he write wrong advices to members then and he do in 2021 same!
He is lier and spammer who dont play anything,but have opinion about everything!would celebrate date when he will be out of this forum or when he will lose internet in his house,that he cant write here!
Last example is about who want to be millionaire live game thread where he say how he hope that it will be played from home!this says all about what he know about live casino games!he think when something is live casino game,that you need to go in casino to play them Big Smile Worship

Edited by dule-vu (15 March 2021 @ 21:10 GMT)

I need to repeat myself: It's incredible how much you two respond to each other, considering all the steps you have to go through to even read the posts that the other is writing:

1) The other posts are hidden, so you need to click a link to "reveal post".
2) Then you need to confirm that by reading the post, you will not respond with anything negative.
3) Then you read the post.
4) Then you respond.

If you just stopped at the first step, you would never see the post - never be offended. And the other would stop responding to you.

But you just seem to keep going... so the BRM staff has to decide if we should spend time on improving the site and finding offers, or if we should spend time managing two adults on a forum. Or maybe we should spend the time making a feature that automatically replaces all possible-hostile words, with other words such as: sweetheart, honey, cute, kittens, love...

Again: I hope it ends now.

you dont have to change anything,it can be over now,but its very strange for me that you dont remove posts from yesterday where he write words like "underdeveloped specimen" and thats ok for you!
you dont have to change words with cute,honey and love,because I didnt write them and will not write in!
but most important for me is that you allow him to write wrong informations to other members,to spam in almost every thread,not to know difference from live casino games and so on!

Well today I won 200 mob points in the calendar so I will not break my record as I mentioned before here in this thread. I am happy to see to see the smile back on the mafia guy Smile

Posted by Administrator:
Mathematics Smile

What is this "Mathematics" you speak of?

Confused 3p out.

GL all mobbers.

Posted by Administrator:
making a feature that automatically replaces all possible-hostile words, with other words such as: sweetheart, honey, cute, kittens, love...

I did something similar for shits and giggle, on MS word create an auto-spell check entry that replaces any word, we used "the", with any other word you want, we actually went the other way and used "wank" from memory.

One of many old gags that are now disabled by MS.

3p out vII

Edited by 3pokeronly (17 March 2021 @ 07:14 GMT)

I consider that people have their own luck in this site, but the prizes are won in time because there are many users and fewer sponsors. I don't know how the prizes are awarded (except for math), but i don't think we should cry for awards like Eliza.

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