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Hello members,

Since the lat update of 888 poker software, I can not find the Bankrollmob Freerol tournament anymore on the 888 lobby
How do you manage to register?
Thanks for your help.

Edited by lauestla (12 March 2021 @ 11:03 GMT)


We have contacted 888poker about this and hopefully the freerolls will be up and running again in the coming days.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

All the best,

Thanks a lot for the answer Blink

BankrollMob tournamens not exists in all rooms for a year or more for me. This is true, because 888 poker and pokerstars they disappeared in 2019. I checked on Unibet and is not. With I Poker network, i don't think if they have these games.

The freeroll existed one month ago Smile

spammer will always be spammer and will write every day wrong informations to all members,even he dont know a single thing!
member ask on normal way why ce cant play freerolls at 888 site and he say that we dont have them from 2019.!he can just check in freerolls section what tournaments we have,but he must give wrong and stupid information just to collect 10 points!
really cant understand this kind of people!

come to Romania and see if this information which i gave is incorrect. I would tell you more things, but you are not mature enough to understand them. BankrollMob has no tournaments in my country, because someone is guilty. In all rooms who has a license in my country brm games does not exist. I asked why, nobody wants to say, and they told me to talk with BRM. I speak and BRM says the rooms are to blame. So, no one knows...

nobody care do you have this tournaments and can you play on this sites!he made thread to see why he cant find this freerolls,but he can see list of them here on BRM!he want to play and nobody care that you cant play them for years!
you cry for few years and moan in almost every thread how you cant play on poker sites,how they are blocked in your country and so on!nobody care about it and to read every day how you cant play,but you write every day in party poker threads how they are great site,how promotions are beautiful and we must take this chance to play,but you cant even open their page Big Smile

I can open pages and play in seven or eight casinos. The same in some betting sports houses , lotteries and four poker rooms. Here the subject is different and just like me Lauestla does not have anymore the brm tournaments. I specified exactly about this thing, in my first comment. You don't have 888 and i am happy for you. Big Smile Anyway, I didn't see you playing poker there, but you speak about me that i don't know how to play poker. I know. Today i won a 330 euro ticket through satellites.

330 ticket,ha,ha,ha,what a joke!

I don't know why these tournaments don't work in Romania. 888 poker says it's not their fault. BRM same thing. I do not know what to believe. I didn't ask some players to find out the answer, but it doesn't matter now. I will not play games offered by this site, but it's ok.

About what i won is a live tournament that can be moved online because of Covid 19...
I played a satellite and won an entry of 3 euros in step two. After that a new entry of 30 euro game and i won again 330 euro entry in a live game. You don't have to believe, and the one who liked you the same.

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