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Las Vegas Casino bans UFC President Dana White after Winning $7M

Dana White, the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is absolutely not short of money. Still, that does not stop him from raking in some extra cash thanks to his excellent blackjack skills. UFC commentator Joe Rogan has claimed that while Dana has suffered seven-figure losses occasionally, the UFC president has once won as much as seven million dollars in one night. [...]   Read more » Las Vegas Casino bans UFC President Dana White after Winning $7M

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Las Vegas Casino bans UFC President Dana White after Winning $7M  0   
I know that we had some videos on you tube,how they escort him with chips from tables and that he couldnt play anymore!yeah,as he say,when you start winning big amounts,they dont want you at their casino,which should be in some law that they cant do something like this!why they dont ban you when you lose big amounts?!can imagine what they had in mind when he got 7 million dollars Big Smile

Casinos do not support big winners and this thing has been known for a long time. The same thing happens with other games, including poker and sports betting. This woman has a great talent if she managed to earn such sums. This restricted his access to play but i don't think it's a problem for her.

then people will say that I am mad or to aggressive,but what word to say about this member then that he is very stupid person,who just spam on forum every day to collect 50 points!
what we could more say about him,when he write about dana white that he is WOMAN and that SHE managed to earn such sums!
you dont have to watch UFC,you dont have know anything about him,but at least when you read news you can see that on picture is MAN,bold older man and then he write word woman!
as 100 times before he will say that is about translator,but translator do what you write to him,so if you on your language put word man,he cant give you english version on word woman!you must be so stupid to write woman on your language and that you get word on english!
then in last sentence we have word HIS access and its not problem for HER Big Smile Worship
would be great when somebody would stop this "person" from doing things like this!

when rules and laws can be changed in few days in usa,then this law should be different,because its not normal that somebody kick you out from casino,just because you take money from them (ofcourse if you didnt cheat)!
so when you lose 1 million that nobody say go home,they want that you spend more,but when you take them 7 million,dont come to us anymore,yeah right!

When you see people who can make millions from casino and then are banned it's sad. Casinos are scared because they can lose a lot of money, but should accept the situation in many cases. When people lose a lot of money all casinos does not ban them. Anyway, this woman is a real winner.

He is very successfull player , he wins a lot , so this has definetely put him in the black list of some casinos , this happens unfortunatelly , you don't have to be caught counting or stealing by any other way , sometimes just winning too much is enough to be regarded as unwanted by some casinos , ofcourse this is not good publicity for them , as this seems to send the message that in our casinos losers are always welcomed , fat cows and whales , ready to lose 6 or 7 digit numbers of dollars any time , this is not good .

I have worked at casino over 10 years, never seen anybody get banned because of honest winning. Thats because in long run there can be no winning players , unless they do something wrong.
House edge in BJ is something 0,5% only, so big swings can occure. But if you keep playing, you lose. And all cheaters- cardcounters always say "They ban me only because of im winning". Thats why i have troubles believing , that this story is so simple - Dana White is just lucky and skilled player and is banned because of it.
Maybe im wrong, but i doubt it, until i see more facts.

both of you know whats going in this story,both of you can read and nob about dana white,but this stupid member cant and he write in every post how he is happy for this woman!dont understand what kind of IQ you must to have,when he can write this kind of posts in every thread!
if they have proof that he cheat,then they will do something different,they wouldnt give him money and let him to walk away!

In the USA are other casinos where this lady who is an expert in blackjack can play. In her case it is important to win and not be banned everywhere, The owners want to make a profit and are scared when a big player wins. This is the situation, but a bad advertisement leads to the loss of customers and this thing will affect them. If people show solidarity with this woman, the casino can lose a lot.

IQ - 0

Posted by pokkerimees:
And all cheaters - cardcounters always say "They ban me only because of im winning". Thats why i have troubles believing, that this story is so simple - Dana White is just lucky and skilled player and is banned because of it.

Cardcounting is not cheating, they are treating it as cheating because what it does is basically diminishes the house edge which is low-key kinda important to maintain esp. in BJ.
Phil Ivey is a very skilled player and been banned from many places but it isn't because he is a cheater. So there's that.
Online sportsbooks even limit your stakes after a time if their algorythm poves you are costing them money in the long run.
So I disagree with you - casinos could ban you for literally anything, esp. if you are a high stakes player who does nothing but win.

If you say cardcounting is not cheating, then i disagree with you. Or ok, not cheating as such a strong word, but it gives you edge to dealer and you will be winning player in long run.
Dealer has no choice to count and act accordingly, so therefore game is not random anymore, if you count cards.

I agree, that casinos can ban you, if they choose so.
I disagree, that there can be player, who is winning all the time without using something shady(sh) atleast.

I have no knowledge about sportsbook.

Phil Ivey - cmon man, you say tomatao, i say potato. Its the matter of point view - he discovered flaw in casinos operation and took advantage of it. If there is pokerplayer on the table, who discovers , that he can see YOUR pocketcards every turn from YOUR zippo lighter reflection - would you feel happy to lose your money, because its your own fault. And as far as i know, there is court decicion, that he has to pay back the money or was it? Not to sure about that.

In general, casinos ban certain players who win a lot, or cheat at the casino. I saw a movie about cardcounting in blackjack and many casinos or all considers this thing a cheat. This method makes the dealers to lose and it is obviously that is not accepted.

its stupid to say that this is cheating,just because you can count cards and its not like you use some device,you use help from other person or something like that,you just use your own brain!
its same when you play poker,you try to read other players or when you play slot machine,you have some tactic what symbol to choose or when to stop reels or anything in some sport!
so you just try to see what cards are out,whats cheating in that?same as you remember informations in some quiz!

Edited by dule-vu (01 July 2021 @ 20:44 GMT)

No, its not stupid to say.
And its not to same as try to read other players in poker, you have no idea what you talking about, if you make that comparison.
Slotmachine reels stopping is same as cardcounting- really? How many players you know, who can always win at slotmachine, because they know, when to stop reels.

If you count cards, you will be winning player. Always.You play small bets, when count is bad and raise bets, when count is good.

Why should casino allow it?

This is an answer for the member who voted with minus. A card counter is an unacceptable method for casinos and a justification to kick people out. Obviously, this thing will cost them money and they only want weak players. There are many cases that prove me right
and this stuff was judged in court. Maybe something has changed in recent years but i haven't read about it.

dont understand why is problem to count cards?you use your brain,you dont use some machine or anything!its same like you remember things when its some quiz or anything else in life!
like you say,count cards and then see when you will have small or big bets!ofcourse its your right to change things on table and for me its stupid that they do this problem!

Edited by dule-vu (03 July 2021 @ 11:35 GMT)

Problem is, dule-vouz moi, that dealer does not count and can not act accordingly. So dealer can not change hes(hers) game. And player can.
And mathematically if you count, you win.
Its not the same as anything else in life - there is no mathematically proven statistics, which say your observations are correct.
Stupid, that casino does not want to give away money every day?
Would you like to open casino to give away money? Every day by day? I dont think so. So if you say, casinos should allow play BJ and count cards or shut down, then what do you think is option. Ofcourse casino would choose shut down blackjack table. Or should they keep BJ tables open and let counters earn theyr livings and give them money, that other player have lost in other tables - would you do it? And why?
Why would you open casino, employ staff, pay taxes, take money from regular players and give it to cardcounters. And then look, how there will be more and more counters, who take more and more money and still keep your business opened. And if no restrictions, then more and more ppl start counting cards. And then what - you earn money with other tables and slotmachines and give it away at BJ table. Where is the logic, man.

It was very beautiful if this woman sued that casino and win the lawsuit. Unfortunately, she does not intend to do this thing. When someone tells a truth in reasonable terms, he is voted down 4 times. This is not the case for other members. This judgment is not fair because this woman was banned for causing financial damage to the casino. This is the situation, but here other opinions must be accepted, within the limits of common sense.

and ofcourse in fifth post we have word woman,again and again.....
pokkerimees I know that nobody want to give money,not you,not casino,but I just say that nobody cheat with this when he count,he just have brain for it,not that he use some device or help from person or anything like this!
why they dont ban somebody from casino when he spend 1 million and not win anything?

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