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This is how romanian member do scam and how he lie whole time about others,how he collect points and then change posts even we know that he dont know english,that he cant write without translator and he change post in few seconds!what a piss of s**t and fool who would die if he dont earn points in day!
He wait that somebody write,then he copy same post in every thread and change it that nobody see it!
I cant get points for posts,but you allow idiot to everything normal for months,especially when he made posts in threads that are 1 year old and to make 10 of them one after another....

Edited by dule-vu (08 February 2022 @ 02:37 GMT)

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I don't really understand what he does and honestly, if it's to cheat, I don't see any point in it either. You must think that he is cheating and BRM does not realize it?
Isn't the maximum possible points capped at 50? I don't understand what one accomplishes by commenting on each of the different threads. I'm probably naive in these matters, but I don't see the point.

Ligador, don't believe this liar who charges you for every mistake. He does this with all users when he does not insult them. He really cheated several times but I can't send pictures ... It's late at night, and if I'm wrong with something he always tries to convince me that I'm cheating. That's not true, but that's his character.

I already wrote it in the thread that you created, answering him. I think they are old enough for these things and they need to mature. There is NO need to be fighting, answering one after another in each thread. They bore others.
Participate in the forum in a normal way, and do not worry about what the other does. Worry about your own life and move on.

Because of him I lost my rights for points and other thing even he spam and to everything wrong on this forum!
And every time he give wrog informations to members,like to contact brm about prizes,even they told not to contact them till bebruary!

You don't need to tell us how to run the site. We have informed you several times to ignore this other user, even made it so you can't see his posts. If you keep interacting with him, even against all our efforts and messages, that's on you.

Posted by dule-vu:
I cant get points for posts,

This is a lie. I see that today so far you have received 2 x 10 MobPoints for posts in forum, yesterday you got 4 x 10 MobPoints for posts/news comments, etc.

Thread closed, as we are not wasting time on you two.

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