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I write in google translate where i have a material in Romanian language and i copied wrong that material, instead of the other one where i wrote the comment for that thread.
I can't send a picture to prove, because my pictures take up a lot of space with the program i use.
Stop crying and see your cheats, because you really are a cheater and maybe i'm looking for a program to prove it.
I proved it with words, but you still don't want to calm down.
I will look for a program and maybe I will be able to prove that you are the real cheater.
You live only to try to harm people.
I had that comment written in advance for that thread. that's why it's just the wrong copy, not cheating.
You lie because you hate me.

Edited by CALICUL (08 February 2022 @ 02:59 GMT)

As I commented in the thread created by the other colleague, I don't see the point of cheating on this site. I'm probably naive and maybe I'm missing something, but you 2 are everywhere always boycotting each other, and I repeat, it doesn't make sense. You can participate in the forums without the need to discuss among yourselves and make a more friendly forum.
I do not participate in this thread anymore, and I give way to one of the administrators.
grow up

You have my answear in other thread!he does this for points and he change post fast again that nobody see it!

We have informed you several times to ignore this other user, even made it so you can't see his posts. If you keep interacting with him, even against all our efforts and messages, that's on you.

Thread closed, as we are not wasting time on you two.

BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » it is not cheat

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