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Okay so i started of the day feeling all refreshed n decided to spend all day playing on pokerstars.. the worst decision ive ever made Angry Angry Angry

okay so i decide to play heads up SnGs i started off really well winning 5 of them in a row n then came break time lunch n seeing the gf...
after the 3hr break i jump back on to stars n boom start losing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 heads up in a row Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! i didnt know where to stop koz most of them were not bad plays by me so it was just playing with idiot donkeys who drew out on me

1 particular hand which almost made me commit suicide... i have A Spade 8 Spade on the button n i dont know how many of u will agree with me here but any ace heads up is good n this was suited too so i make it 4 times the BB the other stupid donkey re-raises me minimum so i call
the flop comes A34 he checks i check the turn is an A he bets minimum i raise him all in n he calls he turns over 2 Heart 6 Heart
n after the river the board reads
A Club 3 Heart 4 Club A Diamond 5 Spade
i mean wtf... this is so fuckt ive a set n he goes all-in on a gut-shot

well after so many of these bad beats im sitting on a bankroll on $51.71 which is like a bit less than 1/5th of wat i started the day with lol
i duno y i stopped i only have like $50 remaining Confused Confused

it does get me thinking though is pokerstars rigged like do they make sure that ppl have winning n losing streaks i mean 12 heads-up in a row Disagree Disagree Disagree Disagree Disagree
i know im no pro but im not that bad either
i was thinking whether i should cash out my $51.71 n start fresh on fulltilt
ive never had an account on there
any suggestions Confused Confused Confused Confused

Edited by eaziabi (06 January 2009 @ 16:34 GMT)

Think your just tilting, walk awy and try anouther time, but i do think PS is rigged in someway, yesterday i had jj, folded to me and i could do nothing, no buttons for me to click, sure the flop drops a J and the wekest player at the table gets to dubble up.
Take the no-deposit give it a go, full tilts a good site.

I think the same way, I liked full tilt the most when I started playing and I still do, unfortunately I can't play there anymore, but no matter, in my eyes cash it out and go to Full Tilt, Stars is just kinda joke I think at least

First, use better bankrollmanagement. 12 lost games (after 5 wins) and 4/5 of your bankroll is gone? Confused

Second, bet that flop.

Third, move down in limits and win it back.

ye i think im gonna follow ur advices b1gfoot, jeff hardy n go on full-tilt stars is the worst...
n as far as broll management goes shokaku after i lost 5 heads up in a row mainly koz donkey kongs kept drawing out on me i doubled the buyy-in 4 heads up koz i wanted 2 well double up lol
but ye i know that is typical tilting i just couldnt stop myself though
i kept on thinking that things couldnt get worse than this n that the fishes r bound to stop getting lucky sometime... that time didnt come hopefully tomorrow

You should keep in mind that a variance of 10-14 buy-ins is statistically absolutely normal in poker. That means you can of course loose theoretically 12 matches and buy-ins in a row.

With that knowledge you should be able to manage your bankroll and choose the correct play limits.

tilting is never worth it all you do is lose your roll, maybe one in 5 times you get lucky and get a big payout or even less odds than that Smile hehe

Just put that 50 dollars into roulette. Maybe you can bet on the red or black.
Heads up sucks! Too many bad beats, donk lucks. Play something else: cash game, sit and go's.

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