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apart from AA andanyother pair what would be your peferd starting hole cards?

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Ive had numerous bad beats...but the one that hurt the most was AA v's 7 2 unsuited....went all in preflop 7, 2 called, flopped a 7 and got his 2 on the river.. Aww crap!

Posted by mcsnakey765:
Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

I want to know what the worst bad beat that you have ever had
then i will look at them all and make a decison on witch one is the best
and the winner will win a free ticket in to my 5k tournement

Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

one Heart

You should add 27o as a variant lol.

ive lost a lot of money having the highest flush possible and someone had a low straight flush on me, that dug into my bankroll nicely. and also having lower full houses can bite you

well worst bad beat happened just last monday in the bankrollmobfreeroll
top 10 paid 15 left
KJ of hearts me so i call 4 players to the flop 6 4 9 hearts comes on the board (flush 4 me) Agree player on my left shoves allin 2 others fold i make the call for my remaing 7000 chips
i show flush k high he shows flush 2 and 3 of hearts
so im thinkin great im gonna win this tournament Agree
and of course with a chance of a minor 3percent he hits his straight flush
Aww crap!

so i was out happened so quik didnt even see it had to look up the hand again

aaah wel next time better

oh i can remember my worst badbeat like it was yesterday.
I had pocket 7 in a fullringgame 50cent/ 1 dollar at fulltiltpoker.
Utg makes a minraise.
Me and anoter Oppunent called.
Flop: 7 7 J
Utg minraise again.
other opponent fold.
I was happy with my for 7s Big Smile
so i made a reraise to 3 dollars.
Opp wents all in.
And i was happier than before and OF course called (i thought he hab pocket J maybe)
well i showed my two 7s
and he showed pocket Kings.
AND OF COURSE (how makaber) two kings came at turn and river.
lost 40 dollars Aww crap! Sad Sad Sad i will never forget this

Me q10
opponant qj

Flop qq10 turn 5 river j

i checked all the way then went all in on river Aww crap!

Posted by mcsnakey765:
sorry guys but this is a bad one allright

Me:k Heart k Diamond
opp.1:q Spade q Club
opp.2:a Heart a Club

Flop a Diamond q Heart k Club
Turn: k Spade so... i had qud kings
Then bam!! river : a Spade


So bizarre! Has this actually happened? I'm used to bad beat stories, but this is like... surreal::?!

The worst bad beat I have ever seen ( and sadly it doesnt count for me so I cant lay claim to it ) happened in a live game.

Player raises from the Button. BB re-raises. Button calls.

Flop comes over J J rag.

BB shoves all in. Button calls laughing his socks off.

Cards go over

BB has AA

Button has JJ.

Turn comes over and its an Ace.

yes you know what came next......

Absolutely unreal.

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