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Hi !
So I played for a while in High Stakes poker room and I want to tell you about it

1)poker client lobby: simple settings such as display stack in BB,4color deck,bet slider,autorebuy can be customized to your preferences. also available hot keys!!!
So it is standard settings for multitable game. BUT
2) there are not enough cash players for this. only NL10 on average 2-3 tables.other limits and games collect players very rarely
Therefore, it is almost impossible to win back the full bonus on the first deposit only with poker games almost impossible
Good news is that in MTT overlays almost every tournament.
Bad news is that : When I tried to withdraw my small MTT win ( 70 or 80$). My withdrawal has been blocked until I play 50$ rake or fees. although their website says that "User's Poker Rake or Turnover must equal or exceed fees charged by payment processor"
MTT overlays is good but when withdrawing money, you may be waiting for rake requirements
3) Another good news is Hand to Note support this platform ( only for PRO or Asia version).
pay or not 40$ per month for play in HighStakes for PRO or Asia version, it is each player's own choice
Now Hand to Note 4 Beta supports this room for free.4
4)in my Hand to Note database almost does not exist "regular"players ( vpip\pfr 27\21 or something)
As a result, this is a good room with a weak but small field for recreational players who do not want to meet with "regular"players
Join and play!

You have the wrong location for what u want to do. Enter in the reviews section and there we have Poker, Casino, Bingo and Betting. Choose what u need and write there. Good luck with that.

When you start to think, 50$ rake is not that small, if your are recreational micro - low stakes poker player. Of course I understand the poker room to, the player pool that this room have is so small, that they trying to force players to stay and play poker in their room as long ass possible. Anyway thank you for your High Stakes poker room review Thumbs Up

Cant believe that he ask in other thread where to write review, I explain everything him and how he can choose whatever he want, but he is still enough crazy to write review on forum! O God! Thats why I say whole time how wrong is whole thing with 5 posts and 1 review!

it was on the forum that I wanted to post it. in the review section, no one would have seen and read it. by the way, it was experimentally established that 5 posts OR one review.

That what it purpose of reviews section and there need to be posted, not on forum!

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