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in my eyes action poker has been disqualified since today and i quit it.
after getting called nazi several times the last weeks i´m fed up with that crap and search for a poker room with more manners and brain
what happens to the ndb? i didnt reach the bonus points yet and i don´t try it anymore.
i payed in some dollars before the ndb was given.what about getting the money payed in or the money of the cash?

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Try another room, but every room has this insults AP is not the only one.

"i payed in some dollars before the ndb was given.what about getting the money payed in or the money of the cash?"

Ehh thats a good question Confused

I hate all the arrogant racist pricks, why should you have to leave the site, they should be reported and banned for life, racism must not be tolarated and the sites should do something about it.
You could try removing chat, not that you should have to.
Its a shame cus i know a lot of ppl say these remarks and are not even racist they just do it cus they are dumb.
I think you have to get to X amount b4 you can cash out any, also deposit.
Im sure shaun will tell you in time.

Shaun might even be nice enough to transfer your current credit.

after getting called nazi several times
Next time just push that "Call floor person" button. Get them out of the poker tables once and for all. Sometimes when I`m in the mood, i get back at them playing stupid, not insulting them, just pulling their "legs" to show them that they can`t provoke me that easily and trying to find their weak spot, innocent and naive type of language but so persistent that they eventually break after 5-10 minutes. It usually sets them off. Try it sometimes. Since this is most likely triggered by some big pot lost to you, try shoveling there, with something like, i don`t know it usually varies from person to person, "I had more outs on turn" or something like, if they made a good raise preflop but you called anyway and got lucky, "why did you raise so much preflop". Don`t run away, you can make a profit if you can control yourself in these situations.

edit: but i never start it. I just play along.

very good advice there Predobar,thats the best way to deal with people like that,its to bad there every where,I just try and take it as it comes but if I ve had enough I just call support...let them deal with those people its there poker room...... Big Smile

Out of all the sites I play I actually find party poker to have the least insulting players

My solution here is simply to turn off chat.
I always turn off chat when its possible.

choont, i can assure you thats only a minority.
ive been only once called nazi and hitler on AP by a player (canadian), and the funny thing is the whole table (also all canadians) has been against him. first he said he ignore me on chat and at end he had to leave table because they all offend him lol.
i personaly love such fools because they cant compete verbaly with me. and if im not in the mood for it i simply turn off chat and so should you i suggest.

i think its the wrong way to leave a client only due to a handfull idiots. most of them are quite nice guys and do not even care what nationalty you have.

you cant blame AP for having retarted players, i agree with the people telling you too turn off the chat feature, if your beating people and winning their cash sooner or later someones going to come after you with the insults.

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