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worst downswing live and online so far in my young pokercareer  0   
unbelievble:s first time I actually experience a big downswing and I can tell you, it sucks bigtime

the past days I played in the casino and online and ppl felt sorry for me who have seen what was going on

only lost like 4k or something, mostly in the casino but the 'how' made me sick

every hand I was involved in, I had him/her dominated pre flop, and even on the flop and turn to eventually lose it a the river

pre flop domination: for example, A Q vs A9 and flop is A 2 9, happened many times

bigger pair pre flop: still they would be hitting their set

2 pair vs straight draw on the flop: many times, I even raise too much to get them out but they still hit the nuts, mostly on the turn

my flush draw (even with a straight draw ) and 2 overcards against toppair, not hitting at all

my set on the flop beat by straight draw or flush draw (even runner runner !!!) they just kept calling, it was total b******t

even online, even though it was heads up, how can you go all in pre flop with A 10 after I called the big blind, then he raised, I reraised and he goes all in, and yes the K K has been crushed by a 3 outer

this is really sick, I never believed in down/upswings but now that I experienced it myself I hope my luck will change very soon

taking a break now for a few days, maybe it will help

forgot to add, the worst bad beat was when I decided to quit, I have K Diamond 10 Diamond

flop 5 Diamond 6 Diamond 7 Diamond both check the flop, turn meaningless 2 , he bets on the turn I raise and he goes all in and shows A Spade 8 Diamond

and yes, they 4 Diamond on the river, I mean waaaaauw

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I know how u feel man....I make $20,000 in Vegas in 1 entire month.....In the most ridiculous week ever and the most ridiculous badbeats I lose everything. Aww crap!

If You can stay away from tables for few days and if nothing changes take some more time off. GL and hope your luck changes.

" I never believed in down/upswings but now that I experienced it myself I hope my luck will change very soon"

I know how you feel, it can be devastating. Evil Evil so evil it can allmost bring a grown man to tears. Sadly I can tell you that if this is your first downswing you got a lot to come Sleepy
I've had several downswings through my time and every time I think this was the sickest downswing I will ever meet but for some reason it seems like they get longer and more evil for every time. It's not too long ago I had a long break even period followed by a nasty downswing of 20-30K hands. This period lasted for 1,5 month or so where nothing was possible but I dont have to get into that since you are there now so you now what im talking about.

Take a break, think positive, play positive, change site, beat the monkey Big Smile just do whatever makes you feel better cause playing angry will make you lose without the cards being unfair to you.

Can't remember who said it but this quote is sadly true:

"One day you will run worse than you ever thought possible".

Guszszsh...That was sick....How much money was in the pot?

Owwww feel for you bro, the last one sucks jakkkk.
Then again it also cud have been a A Diamond then it wasnt really a badbeat just unlucky but totally sucks mate.

I had 2 downswings.
The first was minus 1K, i did panic a littl bit, thought the money i made before was all luck, thinking i was just a lucky fish.

The second was 2 weeks ago minus $500 and lastest 1 week (so not really a downswing).
I didnt panic, i didnt really play bad, just badbeats and offcourse sometimes bad play (be honest to urself Blink)

Downswings suck bigtime, you panic, feeling a fish, even thinking poker is rigged.
But downswings come to an end, ur not a fish and poker isnt rigged Smile

Take a week off mate, then come back and play lower stakes.
Try to get the ''fun of poker'' back.
Then if feeling good you can move on to higher stakes.

Keep us updated and goodluck Smile

beat the monkey Big Smile

That`s a new one Worship

I feel with you.

I have hit an downswing too. Lost 4 times in a row to fullhouse on turn or river.
The last I also had a fullhouse, but of course I lost when he hit on the river.

Lost 20% of my bankroll, moved down a limit, and are playing break even at the moment.

The though that creeps in to my head is that I made more money when I play more marginal hands and few outs. But I think it is best to stick to the ABC of poker and not change my game to much because of a downswing.

I just hope it turns around soon, been 2/3 weeks. Sad

Yea, thats sad but that happens. You just have to keep your mind focused to next games. Faster you forget big bad beats and losses, better.

I just put good song to background if Im near to tilt, or just try to think positive, usually it helps Blink

Posted by MrMan
Lost 20% of my bankroll, moved down a limit, and are playing break even at the moment.

Very good to drop down a limit.
Many players cant do this.

So +1 for you and hope ur downswing is soon over Thumbs Up

Well, I feel your pain, but why did you keep playing the same guy? On tilt? Stand up from the table and sit somewhere else. I only play tournaments and SNG's, and my worst loosing streak was 20 SNGs without any payment... not even my money back in a single tournament. But since I never play for more than 1/50 of my bankroll, I managed crawl back a few days later. Better safe than sorry.

i know how you feel. i just lost about half my bankroll and every big hand i had dominated and they get the luck. ive had AA beaten by AJ 3 times in 3 days (twice off one suited). And i have my top pair ace kicker beaten with an over pair and my over pair beaten by top pair with a lucky set on the river. seems like every hand is a loser. but last night i won a big pot with a trash hand so things are looking up Big Smile

Resisting a downswing is the most difficult task to a poker player! I already had big downswings, the thing you have to do is quit playing poker for a day or two, or a weak if you could! Because if you continue to play, you will tilt very hard, and you will play hands that you shouldnt! You play bad and you will lose more money!
An advice, stop playing for a weak, read a book of poker, and then comeback with more patience! Good luck at tables!

Downswing suck big time.
I had downswings during 1 week and 2 weeks, never had downswing for a month luckily.
But had a very sucky break-even swing wot lasted 1 month only profit was rakeback and bonusses argh Angry

But when i have swings i never stop playing, allways continue cos i feel i never tilt so i keep playin my abc-poker.

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