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Who will be victorious?

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Gus Hansen in boxing match  +1   
Ok I have to admit I don't know how to submit something to the "News" category so here we go standard post(If you read and feel like it admin go ahead move it to "News" and plz tell me how to Smile )

Gus Hansen is making his on tv station/channel Gus TV and to launch this he is having a boxing match with his goodfriend Theo Jørgesen also known as THEDONKEYNO1 on Fulltiltpoker. The fight is held in KB hallen in Copenhagen and entry will cost 249 Dkr ~ 43$. Gus have tried to get Ilari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies to fight Peter "Zupp" Jeppesen but they might not be in same weight class so now Gus is just trying to convince them both to find someone to box on that day. Most probably rumors but Gus vs Theo is for sure, check the rubber arms on the fight card below Big Smile

Edit: for some weird reason I can't upload pic so I link to the fightcard:

Edited by M3turbo (03 February 2009 @ 01:08 GMT)

Lol Gus looks really skinny at that pic Big Smile
But still i vote for Gus cos of his agression Tongue

Wud luv to see ''crazy guy'' Ziigmunt to fight.
Saw a vid of him taking down a good judo fighter Cool

Is this really gonna happen btw, this match?

yea maybe admin can explain us how to submit news ? because i also dont know how to... support (at) or what ?

back to topic...i like the way gus hansen plays poker, but he is so skinny Smile i dont think hes gonna win - allthough i know not to judge "boxer" or normal ppl by their look. strenght has a alot with psychology and technic to do. nevertheless i vote for theo even tho i dont know him Cool

can you see the fight somewhere ?

Edited by Administrator (03 February 2009 @ 09:38 GMT)

I have to go with Gus, younger and stronger but Jørgesen has been training for the last year and hired a personal coach so I don't know. I posted this on my website a few days ago;

Theo Jorgensen and Gus Hansen will battle it out in a boxing match in Copenhagen on February 21.

Gus and Theo have a prop bet on the outcome of the match; if Gus wins, Theo will pay him $25,000, if Theo wins, Gus will pay him $35,000. Gus is younger and in better shape that's why the odds are not 50/50.

You can watch a video of Jorgensen training, it is in Danish though.

Here is a conversation between Gus Hansen and high stakes pro Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies on Full Tilt Poker;

Gus Hansen: ziigmund
Ziigmund: y
Gus Hansen: ziigmund
Gus Hansen: is there any chance you are up for a boxing match in copenhagen
Gus Hansen: you vs Lars luzak
Ziigmund: why u want_?
Ziigmund: u hate me so much?
Gus Hansen: do you know that me and
Theo are going to box
Ziigmund: no i didnt
Gus Hansen: nope Im boxing agaisnt theo
Gus Hansen: on the 21st of february
Gus Hansen: in Denmark
Ziigmund: i cannot take against luzak
Gus Hansen: 3000 people watching
Gus Hansen: Zupp
Gus Hansen: do you know zupp
Ziigmund: lol
Gus Hansen: he might be too big for you
Gus Hansen: maybe Uffe holm is better for
Ziigmund: haha
Gus Hansen: he is a danish
Gus Hansen: Im actually very serious
Gus Hansen: Ziiggy
Ziigmund: y0
Gus Hansen: ziiggy
Gus Hansen: are you up for it
Gus Hansen: you might get beat
Gus Hansen: ziiggy vs Zupp
Gus Hansen: just the sound of it sounds
Ziigmund: lets talk latertr
Ziigmund: haha
Gus Hansen: trying to call you from theos
Gus Hansen: ziggy pick up
Ziigmund: wait
Gus Hansen: Ziggy
Gus Hansen: think about
Gus Hansen: it
Gus Hansen: lots of girls

boxing has no language Smile thnx for the link geneyuss.

Posted by T3ddyKGB:
boxing has no language Smile thnx for the link geneyuss.

No problem T3ddyKGB Smile Here's another video,

Thanks for filling in the missing parts GeneYuss Thumbs Up I must have been a little session groggy Aww crap! cause I forgot all about date, their bet, videos all things I planned on putting in thread Thumbs Up Besides that I see alot of spellings and Agree

Posted by T3ddyKGB:
yea maybe admin can explain us how to submit news ? because i also dont know how to... support or what ?

You can't submit post theads in the "News"-subforum, only comments on existing news will show up there. We will add a "submit news" later so our guys can edit the news and upload it, but we don't have time to finish it at the moment.

whahah this is gonne be fun as hell Big Smile

Its gonna be crap, like any outher celeb boxing, they been talking about it forever now, but looks like its going to happen, ill wait for Khan-Barrera and Hatton vs. Pacman.

Ziig wrestling

Gus hansen for sure! The other guy is older than him, therefore will lose, or thats my opinion

hope that they knock some sence in to each other.....

P.S. voted for theo cause guss just looks like a anorexic girl...

such fights are fun to watch ! ok it wont be a classic boxfight rather a sparring, but sometimes such fights turn into a real good fray Big Smile - exspecially after the first round when both ran out of stamina and start boxing like 2 drunken girls Big Smile

Gus piglia la sveglia, stavolta la piglia proprio Big Smile Big Smile
This time I think Gus will get a BAD BEAT Tongue

cool that'll be one to watch a poker player getting real roasting from the poker hand chief lovely cant wait to get this all over the ,. Sad

When we get closer to the match I'll throw in a link so you guys can watch it online for free Smile

Posted by M3turbo:
When we get closer to the match I'll throw in a link so you guys can watch it online for free Smile

Can't wait for the link to have a good laugh Cool and yep, I voted Gus too for his aggressiveness and young age.

I saw Theo's boxing training vid.
I voted for Gus, but after this vid i thinks Theo is gonna win for sure Smile


Yes very nice, if you cud put the link in here i definitly gonna watch Smile

I'm over 6' tall ....Blond hair and blue eye'd ....with sholders that Charles Atlas would be proud of so can I play Blink please.

Edited by dunotra (10 February 2009 @ 13:37 GMT)

i´m strained about this "fight" as both don´t look like boxer or shape-masters to box more than 1-2 rounds serious Blink ( but i can err )
max fun factor

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