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Ever played a Tourny it felt you were set up to win?  0   
Just played one that seemed that way.

5$ Buy Nl at Vulcan, decided to risk a fair amount of my $20 free bonus.

So, 75 playerss, off we go and within 15 mins i've made a big mistake i'm down to 750 of my 1500 chips - last place and not feeling clever.

Then it begins.

22 on the next hand,early pos so deciding to play ultra tight for a bit I fold. All in go two players. AK vs KK.. Flop 2 7 8 then something like 4 9. Damn, but never mind.

Next: AQ hmmm...3x bet......two people go all in...damn!......leave it... this time AA vs A10 suited...Flop .. A Q 2 RAG. Grrrr., but hey.

Time after time this happened, so many I lost count. Every time i Folded a hand it flopped right to me. BUT I was still gaining chips at a decent rate, I was winning in fact nearly every hand I played - even from the blinds

Example A 2 unsuited...up came the flop 3 4 5 1 player goes all in , folds to me so I call .. guy has AK unsuited. AH WELL I think, at least it's a draw.

And POOF! he's gone. WTF...I think and.. look again...four spades on the board - my '2' spades making the

This just kept happening, trash hands, winning flops. So I opend up. No matter what rubbish I was given - I kept winning, hardly a decent hand to be seen for 3 hours. . And every time I went all in, I won, even A10 suited (against AA and KK i think)....I should have been out of that game so many times I lost count.

So it was that I made the final table of 10.

Now I again made a big mistake, all in against another player. I lost over half my chips and am now the smallest stack...nice one muppet. Blingds are now getting big - I have about 7, so not much choice.

Now I start getting all the good hands I didn't have earlier....but in the blinds. AA, KK, JJ AK all on the blinds and all within just a round or two. I two two out in one go. Suddenly i'm in 4th.

Then I get 22, in the blinds. One guy with v. few chips left -so I go all in! - he calls - AK. Hmmmmmm - but no problem, rag on the board and he's out.

Now i'm 3rd and up comes AA. We're now pretty evenly stacked so - all in. I guess having seen my previous effort one guy thinks @[email protected] and calls- he shows 10 10. Big Smile

Then the shortest playout I've ever had - AA vs AQ I think was the final hand after about 5 minutes.

I never felt like I was going to win.....I just never felt I was ever going to lose!..almost felt 'fixed'

Sweet though Big Smile Big Smile Cool

Anybody else had this?

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Yep, make a bad move it pays off etc....Sometimes i like to mess on the low tables and this kinda thing happens.
make all the splits, ohh yes iv seen it.
Also think i see it the outher way, a certin player is set up to beat you. You play the A game fold QQ etc, get AA in pos make a move and he calss you down and says it was a gut feeling, bust...
Just coinsdence tho imho.

Yea, i've had it the other way too, but in this case I didn't play - other than the ones I put down - many bad hands - I usually got in cheap on the flop in good position - it was just tghe way the flops kept coming. But I agree - coincidence as too that.

Then again - I LIKE coincidence Big Smile

ok ..... a I got lucky on a few Blink

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Nope but I sure played a lot where I felt I was set up to lose. Wish I had the other feeling sometimes.

i get the feeling im set up to lose as well , cash or tourny sometimes it feels wrong. but then again i have felt invinsable in some tournys Agree

Yes sometimes i have that feeling... but 20 times more i have the feeling i have really been set up to LOSE Sad All kind of conspiracy theories starts to run around my mind...

Posted by mastergryne:
Nope but I sure played a lot where I felt I was set up to lose. Wish I had the other feeling sometimes.

Same here. Honestly, it can feel that way at times. You're in the late stages, just outside the money, with a healthy stack - get dealt JJ and see a flop of JA5, push and get called by KQos and you know that turn card will be the 10, no second A or 5 or that miracle 4th J to save you Aww crap! It's ALWAYS a player with a slightly higher stack than you too!

Grrrr. Hands you just cannot get off of.

Nope,never had that...But dude you made a few mistakes there,you had AQ and folded and the flop came A Q 2,you would have had 2 pair but the guy with AA had a set,also the A 2 against AK,the flop came 3 4 5 you had him beaten from the start and didnt need the flush you had a straight already. But anyway congrats,how much did you win?

nope never had that before..I do had some tourneys that started off very well top 5 or someothing when I thought I was going to win but didn't happen

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