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Well i've seen this game(something like the mob draw) on another site(won't say wich one) and i thought you might find it interesting and if u'd want u could apply it here...
It's a poker game. Every one who wants to take part in it buys 2 cards with lets say 10 mob points (u could buy more than 1x2 cards)... at lets say 2pm gmt the pot would be announced and at 4pm gmt the flop would be revealed. At 5pm gmt the turn and at 6pm gmt the river....
Then the winners at 7pm... the 5-10 best hands would win something like this:
1 - 40%
2 - 25%
3 - 15 %
4 - 12 %
5 - 8%

so if theres 10000 points in the pot u could take lets say 500 points as rake and the rest would be splited to the best hands:
1 - 3800
2 - 2375
3 - 1425
4 - 1140
5 - 760
If there are more than one player who got a hand to win him the 1-5 position u would split the pot for that position... if theres 2 players for first u would split 3800/3=1266

This way BRM would get some of the points out (a minor cash sink)... and would be fun for every1...

So? what do u think?

I like the idea. I think it would be interesting. It seems some on here do not get to play together for multiple reasons and maybe it would be like a showdown,( as long of course as the constant all inners no matter what could be handled in some way). Smile

but surely only so many can take part (22 ppl max by my reckon) unless you double up on cards. you can't increase the number of cards in the deck because otherwise two 6h could come on the flop and ppl could hit five even six of a kind. the only way to do it is to double up hole cards and have only a certain number of hole card combinations. this however is to remove the random element that makes poker fair. also would create multiple split pots.

Sounds very good ... it just cant get any more boring than "cracking the safe" Blink

Sounds cool but is 100% luck? I hate playing 100% luck game Sad

great idea....hopefully someone in the know reads this post

something simalar has crossed my mind in the past, but i agree with awood88 in that only a small number of people could play, it would also involve a lot of extra work from fat tony, and fat tony wont like that lol. Sad

i think that the idea is nice, but i really don't get it, but if there's a chance to win something good, i'm in Big Smile

Posted by GeneYuss:
Sounds cool but is 100% luck? I hate playing 100% luck game Sad

do you GY. i love it whenever i am on a downswing or an up i will always play a hu sng and ask my opp if he wants to flip. Just love the frill of it when my 9 2 off beats 10 10 etc not poker i know just pure gambling 4 small but affordable stakes Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I like the idea sound good.
Im rather play a nice game then waisting the points on the draw.
Atleast with a game i have the feeling that im in control of it and have more chance to win Smile

sorry for posting 2 in like 30 mins.

What i would like to see is some sort of mob points comp on rummyroyal, the reason being i played it last night and found it to be a total relax from poker. So i say to u R R lets get it on a BRM points entry table. I think this could go somewhere Big Smile

Fat t never spoke to u b4 but could this be done, u obv have close links to R R Blink

i think this would be great!!!!

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