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Welcome to my blog.

To start out:
This is not a challenge or a competition, but there is an objective/target. The target is to make a profitable play in the long run. And the long run is not a specific amount of hands or tournaments played - it's from today till tomorrow, from today till next week, from today till next month. And hopefully longer. But no worries if it goes in the other direction, because, for most of us, the game should just be for fun.

About me:
I have played poker online for 3 years. I have made thousands and thousands of dollars from weaker players, and lost even more to better players and those who has a stricter bankroll management than me. Another mistake is playing when I should not, when I am tired and so on. This means I have been just one of the usual loosers, but it's not a shame since there are a lot more than me out there! To those who actually made some $$$ on me - congratulations! Thumbs Up

So mainly, what's the target?
-Keep a stricter BR management than before.
-Don't climb up in limits because of bad beats.
-Never chase fast dollars and big pots - let the bankroll slowly build itself.
-Quit playing when I should.


Okay, this time I started out low. Two small deposits ($10 each) from my neteller account became my new bankroll. Date of deposit: 4th of March, 2009.

I started out testing some $2+0,2 and $5+0,5 DON's and SNG's. Played 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th of March and I have now gone from $20 to $188 ($40 withdrawn).

Will update next time I play with more exact info.

Edited by Forcod (09 March 2009 @ 00:34 GMT)

Fantastic start, will follow this one too as I'm trying the same thing but with a more proper BRM, I can't start directly with $2.40 Sit&Gos. Good luck Cool

very nice, lucky to see you winning, i'll try to play more with my brains not with my bottle Blink and i think i'll get something like you, good luck to win more Smile

Really good start.

I am goign to follow your evolution ... Can you put graphique ? sharkscope ? ....

Its not really good BRM if you start out with $5 and $2 Sng's, you were lucky in my opinion that you didn't lose it all 1st day...Way too large buy ins for that bankroll

But it worked out for you so congrats

Great start! very nice job...continue on this way. Good luck Forcod...i hope you can win a lot of Dollar money Dollar Smile

Forcod, can you specify where exactly you're doing this challenge? If it's at PokerStars or an i-poker skin, I'll follow you and if you make some $2 Sit&Gos I may join too. Good luck Cool

Yes fantastic start Blink

A sentì voi siete tutti fenomeni....
Sometimes I would like to hear something from a loser one
Tongue Tongue
I'm tired to read winners stories Big Smile Big Smile

One day and I have already got a whole bunch problems! Things aren't working as expected. The withdrawal I requested was returned by unknown reason, and the program that should keep statistics of my play is not working properly. Also, money has been incorrectly reserved from my debit card. Too bad Thumbs Down

Before I took notice of these problems, I played a little. But the play was too bad, I had some callingstations against me who both flopped, turned and rivered out me.

Anyway, I don't think there will be much more play before these problems are solved. I mean, no need for money that I can't withdraw!

@Noogey: no graphs until the graphs are right, sorry.
@Thean: Sure the $2 and $5 SNG's are pretty expensive with a $20 bankroll! But since I know a little about my usual profit/ROI, I did not feel too bad about it. I started out by winning 16 out of 18 $2,2 Double or Nothing.
@Calmplay: It's Ongame network. But it seems like I have to change to pokerstars or another site, if the above mentioned issues does not turn out well.

mmmmmmh, think you'd better to withdraws and change to have a deposit bonus to clear ...

But now, it's your money but you would win much money if you have a good deposit bonus.

For pokerstar 50 deposit 50 offer ... Easy to clear.
Mansion bonus 200% (difficult to clear)

... It depends how many hours you play a week...

Good luck

Yeah, maybe I should take a deposit offer Smile

I can tell you that right now, I'm waiting for €10 at Virgin Poker!

And no Ongame for a while I think. Actually, it isn't the first time I've had problem with them. A year ago I deposited $100 ( about 600 SEK, "Swedish krona" ) and won $100 pretty fast. I decided to cash out $100 and it did work but, instead of having 600 SEK, I only got 300 SEK.

Hope the Virgin Poker bonus comes soon. "How to build a steady BR from 10 euros".

Forcod nice one m8 thanks for the advice

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