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I have been running pretty hot these past two weeks, with only one down day in the whole stretch. I've been averaging about 1 to 1.5 buyins ahead each session.

But, my sessions have only been about 90 minutes long at most. As my stacks grow, I find that my play becomes more cautious. Instead of using my stack to intimidate the shortstacked fish at the table, I become nittier and start second-guessing myself. It gets so bad that I eventually leave the table after a little while.

My profits have become scared money. It's like I'm afraid that one or two bad plays will wipe out all the work I've done.

I'm probably losing a lot of value by doing this. At the very least, I feel that my sessions are much less profitable than they could be.

I'm currently playing microstakes, but I think that this way of thinking will kill me if I play at higher levels.

Is this a common mindset, and how do I get over it?

You should stick to bankroll management.. meaning not only playing too high limits but also meaning not playing too low limits.. but there was something they said about comfortability.. if u play better and feel more comfortable on low limits then you can do this but to make serious money it will take ages for you playing like that..

"You can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin him once." - theres some truth in it, if u are not playing profitable as a high stack you should leave the table and join another on same limit with the starting bankroll again..

You should distinguish between microstakes and higher stakes.. microstakes is donkfestival most of the time.. logical, because there's not much to lose.. and so the players are playin.. aggressive, loose without any patience.. higher stakes are harder to master but i think u know that.. well..

hf & gl @ the tables Smile

There´s nothing strange or wrong of the way you feel or think. I would guess you don't have to long experience of "grinding" and the way you play at the moment is exactly what you wanted / planed from the first beginning. I don't think you should change anything at the moment and if your instincts tell you to leave the table instead of loosing your buyin then do so but always remember, play to win - not to find ways of not loosing Dollar
You´ll be fine - from what I can tell you comfort comes and goes but usually stays if you stick to the plan.

When you join a table very often no one knows you or how you play. Everyone will be looking to test you, seeing if you can be run over and not wanting to let you run over them.

If after a while you have won some pots, showed down some good hands then the table knows you are playing good solid poker. Your opponents will adjust and will not want to battle with you without the goods. So when they do you should be cautious.

You must now readjust to them - If your not getting the action you require then throw in a few bluffs and show them. Just small bluffs will do the job, check raise the flop with air or 3-bet them pre flop with 53 suited. Nothing that will cost you much - but it will put doubt in their minds and get them to play back at you light in future hands.

Remember what you showed and who you did it to, then do it again with a monster that your looking for action with. You must keep them guessing then you can carry on winning big pots the same way you did when you first joined the table.

I had the same problem but showing a couple of bluffs sorted it out a treat, maybe it will work for you too.

I understand what you are saying! It is difficult to watch our effort of 2 hours going down the toilet in 2 bad beats! That happened a lot of times to me, and i have to stay calm to avoid tilting. It is very bad when that happens. You have to stay focus and always respect your bankroll management!

this happens to me also as i get ahead and them have lost it all in a few hands.
I try and play ring games now so i can leave whenever i wish

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