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Hi! I am creating this thread because i didnt decide yet, what cardroom will I chose to my next no deposit bonus here in bankroll mob! I can only chose one of this three rooms: Vulcan, Virgin or Action poker? What do you think, what are the rooms with the best software, with the best and easiest point system?

Best software of the three: Vulcan (It is ipoker, so basicly the same software as Titan or CD)

Best bonus of the three: Action Poker (Traffic is a bit low there)

I would say that you have had two bonus:

No Deposit Poker Bonuses Received
» PKR: $25 no deposit bonus
» Party Poker: $100 no deposit bonus

Then your next best chance will be the Action Poker one:

Good Luck Cool


I'm only new to this game and I play for a laff.. but I do like Action as I an't very good and I do win sometime's...witch can't be too bad Big Smile

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I checked out the Action Poker website and it looks as if it'll take no-deposit bankroll players a long time to clear the points requirements. 450 POP are needed to be collected within 30 days to keep the $40. You get 1 POP per $.10 contributed (note that you have to contribute to the rake to get points). So you get 10 POP per $1 taken in rake (tournament POP distribution is the same...10 POP per $1 in fees). Since rake is calculated at 5% of the total pot, if you do the math, you would need to be involved in at least $900 worth of pots (and that's not even including hands folded pre-flop where you have money in the pot). You don't even get your first $50 bonus until 700 POP ($1400 worth of pots). However, since BRM is not currently offering no-deposit bonuses for either Vulcan or Virgin at this time, I guess you have no other choice than to go with Action. Just know that you are going to have to play a lot of poker and be profitable. Good luck at the tables! Smile

Action Poker bonus is the best deal but it is on the smallest network.

Smile Smile Smile hi...its true)))

Go for Virgin, and Action I guess. Virgin is the better site, at least the mtts fill up and don't get canceled. I had my €10 up to €50 but then blew a lot of that on the slots ... lol. Action is very bland, it lacks so many options and the bonus isn't so easy to clear unless you're consistently winning. Also if you don't clear it on time you will have problems when trying to withdraw if you then start to deposit and win.

Vulcan isn't available, I'm waiting on that one myself.

Thanks for the advices! I didnt know that vulcan was an ipoker cardroom! I love ipoker! But that option isnt available! Sad Why? It will be available soon? Anybody knows? Vulcan is my choice, but if it is not available probably I will chose the Virgin Poker first!

Why don't you ask all of them ?
3 is always better than 1 Big Smile Big Smile
Then you can choose which one to waste first Big Smile Big Smile

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