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Who will win the final?

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CHELSEA the best!!!! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Heart

Posted by xxxbchxxx:
yeah i dontt really care but id rather see it go to a british club although there aint many british players in man-u LOL Tongue

Please tell me you are joking

Johny Evans
Darren Fletcher
Wayne Rooney
Ryan Giggs
Rio Ferdinand
John O'Shea
Paul Scholes
Ben Foster
Gary Neville
Michael Carrick
Owen Hargreaves

That alone is a good enough team to easily get into the top 4 of the premiership....

Posted by KG1975:
Ronaldo is a p***y. I hope Barce destroy them, and I don't support either. I just can't stand United. Sick of them.

Has to be a bitter twisted Red Scouse scum supporter.....

Oh well what a pity... United now the most succesful club in english footballing history.....

Life couldnt be any sweeter

Barcelona showed against Chelsea that they are a big team. It will be a very beautifull game, but I think the winner will be Barcelona. If the winner will be decided by penalty shoots, then Man UTD will be the winner, but I think this year the final will not get so far Smile I hope FC Barcelona vs Man UTD 10-9 Big Smile

Posted by xabi8500:
Barcelona showed against Chelsea that they are a big team.

Are you serious ???

Chelsea battered them all over Stamford Bridge and should have been 3-4 nil up long before Barca even got a shot on target..

If theres ever a team didnt deserve to be in the final its Barcalona, because Chelsea were absolutely robbed by terrible refereeing and bad luck.. Chelsea gave Barcalona a footballing lesson and deserved to win..

Over the two games Barcalona were absolutely awful, and if htey play the same way against United they will be finished before the half time whistle, let alone full time...

Barcelona have 2 of their best fullbacks ruled out, one of central defenders is injured just imagine their defence.
Man U will play a counterattacking game, Barcelona will struggle to create space and time on the ball as they can't cope with pace of english football.
They don't have tall players to play aerial balls or threaten from set pieces.
And with their makeshift defence struggling against constant movement and pace of rooney, ronaldo they will surely struggle when manu break.
I think Man u will win, but it is football anything can happen.

man united all the way barca shudnt even be in the final they got stitched up by some knob head referee Question

Heart and eyes says "Barca", but mind replies "ManYoo" Sad

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