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Quite gutted.  0   
Well, I was bored yesterday and had taken my bankroll out to pay the rent. I decided to play the main event freeroll on fulltilt.
I came 1st out of 240 in the first round. Then in the 2nd round I came 13th out of 320 Sad
I was running about 9th and I was trying to move up as only top 2 go to the final round.
I was BB and got 10 k. Flop was rainbow 2 4 10. I thought top pair with k kicker was a good place 2 push. Only 1 called with JJ Aww crap! I nearly cried lol. I realise I was out of position but I could of shot myself haha. In all it was about 9 hours of poker. Was I wrong to push, or just unlucky? Confused Big Smile

Depends on how desperate you where. If it was that late in the tournament I guess you did what you had to do. I was running desperate in a tournament recently and had 20 (!) bad hands, then one good (like 88) with no action, 24 unplayable hands and then AJ suited. A blind-stealer-type-of-guy raised form UTG and I went all in, and of course he sat with JJ and knocked me clean.

Just because you loose doesn't make it a bad play, and in freerolls you will often catch a hell of a lot worse bad beats than this from unserious players!

Posted by Bizla:
In all it was about 9 hours of poker. Was I wrong to push, or just unlucky? Confused Big Smile

More info needed. Chipstacks? Multiway hand or against only one opponent? Preflop raise?

Well depends on your stack ofcrouse. But on freerolls its a different game.

Depends on the things shokaku pointed out but I would probably have raised. If you were doing quite well and was a fairly big stack there was no need to push all in. Seems to me like you put too much pressure on yourself. Just because you need to finish top two doesn't mean you need to be at the top the whole game. With a middle stack you shouldn't play tight as you will need a good stack at the final table but there's no need to play like you've already lost. You will always need a serious amount of luck in any tourney like this but you can still play you're best poker.

it depends on the difference between your stack and other stacks, coming in first two places is not easy and requires a lot of luck and patience.
Don't worry u just got unlucky, good luck next time

Quite gutted.

I had a job "once" I had to gut chicken's.. Ohh happy days how I miss them ......Have to go now and eat some baby chicken's (egg and chips)........Food Smile

you did well any ways so dont be to two only is pretty is all about should have could have.he my jj was limping in always a tough time. Disagree

top pair aint that good to put your tourny on the line. Disagree
If you was dead set in making it to HU do you think you should have pushed with top pair K kicker????
I think not..
Unlucky any way theres always next year lol Big Smile

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