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Hi all bankrollmob members. Do you think our site process everything very slow such as about payment, verification poker accounts ? I see a lot of complaining topic about slow processing accounts. We should improve this problems to satisfy all members and make our website more huge and famous. Big Smile Worship

i dont find it slow. i find it pretty fast.

I found having my account processed and accepted was pretty fast. Hope bonuses are just as fast.

Before the summer I thought it was pretty fast, but now When Im waiting for a 5000points bonus ithas been very slow. I siad I would get it within 1week (completed the promotion on 1jul) and still haven't got it.

I hope its just the summer vaccation as it says on the site, and will get back to the normal speed again...

Well, we have a total of 31 threads in the forum where the title contain either "processing", "waiting", "payment" - and we've issued over 150,000 bonuses... so I don't think it's that many complaints Smile

Of course threads can also have a different title but I just searched the database for the most likely ones I could think of in a matter of a few seconds.

But there's no doubt that if we could, we would issue the bonus 1 second after receiving the request. The faster it goes, the better it is for all paties (us, the player, the pokersite). But unfortunately there's still a lot of manual work going into each request to prevent fraud etc.

Our primary payment guy returns from vacation next week, so hopefully soon Smile

I have np with BRM in speed or anything else Big Smile Perhaps folks it would help if you actually read the site and seen the word VACATION Blink

I hope this is my fault. I'm spending 2 weeks for verifying my poker account and paying moneybookers cash. But I still didn't receive it yet. In the other way, if I do another bonus, maybe I also wait more than 2 weeks for this one. Aww crap! Because verifying poker account is belong to poker rooms. But your payment bankrollmob point to my bank is very slow. After vacation, I hope everything will go back and everyone will not feel tired to wait their money. If I said something wrongs, I apologize Smile

Bankrollmob is fast with both bonuses and withdrawals!!... was a little sceptical at first but after having 50 $ easily deposited in my moneybookers account i couldnt belive my eyes! FREE MONEY !

quote:"Bankrollmob is fast with both bonuses and withdrawals!!... "


in the beginning i was also sceptical, not only about BRM, generaly all these online promises.
but all i can say normaly it goes pretty fast. that there might be some delays (as BRM mentioned several times due to the vacations things) is normal as everywhere most ppl went on vacation between jun/july/august...
but you will get your money earlier or sooner !

BankrollMob Forum » » vERY Slow Processing

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