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How are the freerolls for non beginners?

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The FreeRoll Poll  0   
Arg, I give up my Freeroll Challenge. (for non beginners)
It turned out to be mission impossible instead of a "challenge".

So I created a poll, I want to know how you guys feel about freerolls for people who play longer than 1 month.


MY thoughts & These things were the first I noticed

--- 50% of the freerolls give only $2 for the #1 out of the 7500, the other 50% give a ticket
*I prefer the tickets, they give you a chance for a real tournament because:.. read on ...*

---- 410 move all in at the first cards they get, the others are afk
*This means that my AK lost because a donk hits triple 8, and that donk gets the rest too*

(Don't flame me because you already knew this 3 years ago please Tongue )

This makes it quite hard to become top 10 out of 7500 and it takes away all the fun for me, perhaps it was because I really tried to win. Perhaps I should've played for fun.


LOL You really want the 5000 mob points

I don't care about the $0,05 cents I earned for that post and the $0,05 I earn for this one.

But look who's talking, that was the most impressive reply ever

I alrdy said this before, but I 'll do it again, freerolls are totally crap and a waste of time, but its a nice way to build a bankroll though, for beginners at least.

Too bad you failed with your challenge... Cool

It does depend on what type of freeroll it is, like the AP $1500 is well worth playing imo but, the ones that are open to anybody are pointless and you'll never learn how to play well if you concentrate of them.

So unrestricted bad, restricted good.

yes.. I agree Big Smile ,for me freeroll take a long time to finish, only play if I have no money in my account.. Big Smile Big Smile

Freerolls SUCK!! because i was in two this morning and after a total of 6 hours played i won .74c yipee

i could have made $99 going to work insted Smile Blink

freerolls can be alright, but I'd say stear clear of the completely unrestricted ones of the larger sites..

PKR has pretty decent ones for freerolls ($250 prize pool, around 500 runners), but you require points or tickets to enter them.

Likewise, freerolls like BRM ones or other ones where you need a password or something to get in.. are ok..

My advice is this: Prize pool / #runners = $entry value

so for example on PKR $250 / 500 = a free entry into a 50c buyin tourney with 500 runners

Poker Stars $100 / 10 million = $0.000000000000000000000001 free buyin


What jessthehuman said there is true; you get more of a chance for profit if you actually buy into a tourney. Besides, if you're already playing for real money, what's the point of playing those freerolls??!! The time spent worrying about your aces getting cracked by some donk's K-9s could be better spent playing REAL players, learning the game and winning a worthwhile amount of money Cool

I don't like freerolls... They are take too long time to finish, and The prize pool is too little. Sometimes there is 6-8K players and only 100-200$.
So I think if you couldn't finish at the top 20 (from thousands!) it's only wasted time...
But freerolls are usefull when you have not balance in your account Big Smile

I hate freerolls. This are donkaments for all-in-cowboys. If you want to play a serious tournament, you have to invest some money. Confused

Lets face it, freerolls are just what they say FREE, for beginners they are a learning curve. Have fun with them Big Smile

I agree with Got, throw out all poker skills because you will be playing with Donks!

If you cant beat the freerolls dont bother playing for high stakes ...

That about sums it up. Thumbs Down sayin that tho a few times lately especially on betfred i have entered then not even played only to turn the computer on later or in morning to see my balance go up 10 pence. madness. so maybe its good to register but not play. cos when u do u just get suckd out on by some all in ffffin moron............. put cash in cos people dont obviously like to part wi it that easily...... nuff sed Tongue

I totally quit with freerolls, exept bankrollmob freerolls. Last time i played on pokerstars 8-game freeroll, finnish in 3rd place and earn ticket 2000$ freeroll. I played around 7 hours.

In that freeroll i didnt finnish in the money.
Aww crap! . Thats about 8 hours for nothing at all.

Freerolls with price-money under $1,000 sry cant be bothered anymore.

well right now im playing freerolls of 1000$ and 5000$ whit 4000 players they are very dificult in the first 30min but if u can survivor and then u can got some pots then u can sreach a prize $$ Blink

All depends on the freeroll. I hate e.g. those on Poker Stars with 7500 runners. If you're really bored than I guess it's ok to try it and if you're lucky you will win those 50c or so. I like those where you get a ticket, at least it's worth some effort more than for those few cents. I think also its a good idea like on PKR they did 10cents giveway S'n'G. Never played it but I think it's cool for people that have never made a deposit and stand for a real chance of winning, even if the payout is just 7c/ 3c still you're up against 9 players so basically it's just a final table instead of playing 6hrs agains 7000 donks Tongue

Freerolls are, at minimum, a very good practice game to test and upgrade skills without loosing real money. You have to know how to play against all type of players (fish and shark) in order to consider yourself a reasonable player. A pro is not a guy who only plays having all the needed numbers in the head; the pro is the guy that can contradict the tendence of the game! Thats why there are no winning hands at preflop.

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