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Initially, I applied and played with the bankroll builder no deposit bonus on Bigbet Poker. Sat on a NL10 table(bad bankroll management) then won and lost a few dollars but eventually went all in and lost with full house to a king high straight flush Sad

Quite liked the software compared to the resource intensive lagfest that is bwin that I played in (personally like the software better than the ipoker and ongame softwares). The traffic isn't all that busy compared to the larger networks but theres usually always a few NL10 and NL25 tables running.Seems like the traffic is increasing in general according to pokerscout though.

There are quite a few variety of tourneys available on the Merge network (bigbet poker belongs to merge network). You can see many tournaments cancelled in the lobby but its mostly from the 'win your mortgage' which is a pretty stupid promo because no one in their right mind will play it. I personally think they should introduce more guaraneed tourneys since it'll attract more players that way.

So I asked bigbet live support about the first deposit bonus (which wasn't available at the time-expired- I got my bankroll builder bonus). Live support couldn't give me the first deposit bonus initally since it was expired but they sent me an email the next day about offering me an extension after reviewing the chat I had with the live support (good support, shows they actually do pay attention Thumbs Up )

The first deposit bonus is updated now- extended to the end of this month under promotions couple of days after my chat with livesupport Evil . I've just deposited 500$ of my bankroll from bwin to bigbet so we'll see how it goes.

I haven't tried cashing out yet, will do so when my first deposit bonus is cleared. I will update again when I cash out and give a review on how good/bad of a site introduced me to Blink (So far so good Sleepy )

This small review is based on after a week of playing on Bigbetpoker. Sorry for my poor english since its my second language Sad

Until next time, good luck on the tables!

Edit: after speaking with their live support again, I found out that for the first deposit bonus, they give 900 reward points per dollar raked during the special first deposit bonus promo which makes more sense than the standard 250 reward points they usually offer. So for every $1.2 dollars generated, it releases $1 in bonus, which is approx 83.33% rakeback Dollar

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