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How the hell is that possible?

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Posted by Phospate22:
"Its simple really!! He is a ass as is a few others scamming begging whores and just like in real life, assholes always win Angry" heheheh Smile

lol no I do not get Angry Big Smile life is to short for that. Just stating thoguhts Blink

hmmm... maybe he really is down and out .. ?? like his house burnt down and his wife left him and his dog got eaten, his car stolen, his job redundant, etc.. and that's why he was begging. And all he got was angry responses and then he prayed to jesus and jesus gave him two free "golden tickets" to last weeks mob draw .. ???

anyway, what a cunt.

Dollar Aww crap! Dollar Aww crap! Dollar Aww crap! BE GOOD and you will win nothing

I guess he kissed someones @ss here and hope 4 admin it wasn't his 1!

Edited by dianakyra (17 August 2009 @ 16:49 GMT)

In my country this happens all the time. Good things are always for the judge sons, nephews, cousins, son in laws... its a shame. I am making an effort to go till the end without asking nothing to the influent people i know but i dont know if i will make it.

Note (joke):
Hey Admin, by the way, you dont happen to have a few mobpoints you can lend me do ya? Dont need much, just a hand of k's, what do ya say, hmm? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Posted by rac:
happens too much, just like in poker, where the chip leader gets all the cards... lol

here here, know the feeling, I dont enter the BRM draw so I cant say to much about that, I do log in almost every day here like most who have replied to this thread, but I still wont have a go at the Draw, why? DO I NEED TO SAY MORE Big Smile

At least you get mob points by replying

I've won twice this month alone

Wut U win?
I never looked into those drawing or lotto things, or whatever U call it here.

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BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » Your friend ASPAS2 has won the BRM draw twice

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