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Dont get me wrong I love Big Bet Poker, in fact I've been on this forum singing its praises for weeks, and in terms of gameplay and rewards system its great, but the cashout system has some serrious issues.
Right off the Bat the feature of "avalible cash" where u can send cash to a sperate wallet so it can't be used instantly in the poker room is locked. Therefore since u need to send cash here be4 u can cashout, u can't cash out. So to unlock it u've got to go talk to the live support, which is a mission in its own right. They say they close it daily from 4am to 8am but I look at the clock they give u in lobby and its say midnight.... so y is the support closed??? So its closed for about 6 hours longer than its says it should be which suck for me because now the only times I can get a hold of live support is right during main sleeping time here in NZ. Normally this is no big deal because hey my falut for living in NZ right, but the fact that u need to use live suppost to be able to access a "feature" that is manditiory for cashout is so unnessecary.

So anyway u get onto poker live support, they say please wait 30 secs b/c they are busy. Now I don't know how they come up with 30secs b/c wouldn't it be impossible to anticipate the time it takes for the ppl on live chat to sort their problem out. So they repeat this please wait 30secs thing about 10 times over 5mins be4 u talk to the person. Then b/c the support is out sorced they don't know wat ur talking about so ur transfered again and forced to wait again.... Finally u get ur problem fixed and ur all ready to cashout.
U send some $$ to avalibe cash and hold on a sec... y did my balance just go down $40......
Well heres issue number 2: If u havn't completed the stage of a bonus that u are currently on like the bankroll builder or first depositer bonus then the amount ur yet to accure gets taken from ur roll. E.G.>lets say ur on stage 3 ... u've got the bonus $20 and $35 and next is $50, but u decide to withdraw some at around 900 VIP points. Well guess wat u lose $40. So really the best time 2 withdraw is right be4 ur get a bonus since u've accrued pratically the whole thing. So if ur lucky enough to withdraw just after a bonus then ur Fucked.
If they had told me this was the case then maybe it wouldnt be such a big deal, but no where on the site can I see any info about $$'s being taken away from u. I mean if they take the bonus that u havn't earned away from u then whats the point of having a progesive bonus system? Is it just there to trap u, like u think u've won $50 in bonus but really u lose $25 if u try and cash out? Imagine if u were right at the end of the bankroll builder and had 5000 VIP points to earn until u get the last part but if u cash out between then and getting the 5000 points u lose $100. Whats the point of giving ppl $$ if u take money away from them, it make no sense.

So after fuming through that mess I finally try to take $$'s from the site to my neteller. But here comes another lol moment. If ur withdrawing to ne online wallet u can't choose the account it goes to, they just send it to an account under ur email addy registered with Big bet, whether that account exists or not. So if 2 have 2 emails like me one with yahoo where my neteller and moneybookers are reg'd and one for big bet then again ur fucked. This time live support can't help u so u gotta send an email to get it fixed, which takes a business day. Y wouldn't they just have a little box where u put in the account u want it to go to like every other poker site on the internet, again zero sense here.

Finally the problems fixed and the moneys being x-fered. 10 hours later no update, cash hasn't moved.
WTF... lets ask live support................ OFFLINE! .... oh COME ON

Merge < Cashouts

Google it

Alot of features of sites within merge are independant, much like the big bet rewards system. Therefore problems can arise on a site that could only exist on that one in particular. But aside from that isn't each review just a personal experiance? and by googling it thats all I get lol... personal experiances, most of which are poor reviews of the cashout system... plus the cashout info on their site is very vage.
Now where does it say anything about losing $$ from ur balance by leaving a promo, nor does it explain the inaccurate online support hours and the reasoning for locking the avalible cash system.

I dont really understand what ur comment is lol. Is it agreeing with me or trying to make me look stupid?

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I made a request for bonuses and I have just discovered this thing, do not understand why do so! If anyone knows anything please tell me! Thanks! I would like to know if it otherwise the bonus will not want to! Confused Confused

I really love these no-deposit bonuses because it shows very clear if a site is working well or not ...

that Big Bet is great to play some poker but when it comes to online support and withdrawal, I think its one of the most worse casinos. I am waiting like 2 weeks to get my data approved for cashout. Btw if you dont have account in online transferers like click2pay or netteler , you are in big trouble , cose you have to make account with them too, and to do that , is really frustrating and annoying . O jesus why just they didnt send money to the our credit card. Why o why so many complications. I m so fukin frustrated. I have 600 dollards which i cant withdraw. Thats just mean

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