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WSOP Main Event finalists selling advertisements on eBay

Tags: Dennis Phillips, WSOP Main Event final table, Ylon Schwartz.
Posted on 22 October 2008 by "T".

Ylon Schwartz (5 in chip count) and Dennis Phillips (chip leader) are two players that will play the WSOP Main Event final table on the 9th November, fighting for a prize pool of approximately 23.7 Million Dollars.

Now these 2 players have started an auction each on eBay where it's possible to bid on a ten-square-inch logo on their shirts.


The bidding price for a ten-square-inch logo on Ylon's shirt starts at 37 500 dollars, no bidders so far. Dennis Phillips started much lower than Ylon and have already received an offer of 13 600 dollars.

Both players will wear the shirt with the logo on during the WSOP Main Even Final Table which will be watched by many millions of people around the world.

All the money Dennis will make from this auction will go to National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Gateway Area Chapter in St. Louis. What Ylon will do with the money is not mentioned on his auction on eBay.

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16 comments on "WSOP Main Event finalists selling advertisements on eBay"

 mylatbm22/10/2008 17:24:53 GMT
Good thinking. Easy way to make a few extra bucks.

Anyway I hope Dennis will get the highest bid as his money is going to a good cause and not in his pocket.
 kepalaitiss22/10/2008 19:48:22 GMT
Interesting way to earn some money. Maybe they will appear like formula 1 cars, which are sticked with so many adds Smile
 jevo23/10/2008 01:04:14 GMT
I just had a look on eBay and I cant find it anywhere :/
 jimmyviseu23/10/2008 02:41:23 GMT
very good idea!
and money for good causes! nice
 byron23/10/2008 18:33:27 GMT
when i grow up i wanna be like Dennis

 MyNutsDangle23/10/2008 20:08:16 GMT
Dennis seems like a good down to earth blue collar guy and as someone whose dad has MS I am glad to see somebody doing the disease some good. Way to go Dennis, I hope you TID buddy
 mc_timiky23/10/2008 20:15:56 GMT
Good idea !
 GeneYuss23/10/2008 22:17:04 GMT
Haha, good idea. Here are the listings;

Free Shipping Big Smile
 Lawuet24/10/2008 08:59:26 GMT
Oh my god! Big Smile
 kingpapet24/10/2008 08:59:34 GMT
I guess pokerstars more and more will look like Swedish Fotball players so much commercial on their clothes that you can hardly see wich team they are playing for. hehe
As long as the money goes to something good i think its fun thing. But am i the only one thats a little bit scared when the pokerroom im playing at also pays players to play there???
 odzien24/10/2008 18:01:09 GMT
nice idea to earn money haha
 DeDoetCHieF24/10/2008 22:42:53 GMT
Really smart idea i guess, its gonna be on tv all over the world... good commercial i guess Smile
 taavi1928/10/2008 22:09:56 GMT
hehe, this made me laugh
 tibore30/10/2008 03:01:07 GMT
Dennis FTW!
 GeneYuss30/10/2008 06:43:10 GMT
Hey guys, Ylon Schwartz just made another ebay post but this time for $100,000 lol. What a donk. He had one at 37.5k and no one bid.

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