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Optimized bonus release conditions for MMPoker 1000% deposit bonus

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Posted on 24 October 2008 by "K".

MMPoker 30% rakeback & 1000% deposit bonusWe're happy to let you know that our MMPoker deal has become even better. Previously the bonus (1000% up to $10000 first deposit bonus) was released with $200 per 4000 raked hands. This has now changed to $100 for 1400 raked hands. 

Please read the offer for full details and terms & conditions. You will still have to e-mail MMPoker Support to have the bonus released for each $100 (1400 raked hands on a certain limit): MMPoker 30% rakeback & 1,000% deposit bonus up to $10,000.

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11 comments on "Optimized bonus release conditions for MMPoker 1000% deposit bonus"

 odzien24/10/2008 14:06:22 GMT
it will be nice poker bonus, i hope everybody players witch can recieve it will be very happy. Smile

I recomend that poker, nice support, tournaments etc.
 doomdy24/10/2008 15:42:35 GMT
Hmmm i read terms and ect...
I am a sng player so not for me, but....
I think its an very good first dep bonus and not diffecult to clear at cashtables Smile
 baniix24/10/2008 17:33:16 GMT
it's worth a try, altrough i don't get all of the rakeback part quite clear so if someone could explain how does it go..... Question
 odzien24/10/2008 18:03:01 GMT
MMpoker its easy to get rakeback
 B1gfoot24/10/2008 19:40:45 GMT
First of all great offer, was unsure if it was contrabuted or not, as the T&cs are a little misleading.
So couuld you confirm, I guess its contrabuted(rake) but your the man who knows, Thanks
Also do they run at the same time, rake back and deposit bonus, cheers.
See you soon.
 odzien25/10/2008 19:06:30 GMT
Very good ofer, 4000 rh in that poker is easy to get.. i played there
on no high stakes.

its good offer.
 kepalaitiss25/10/2008 19:19:22 GMT
So as I understand from other players, rakeback in this poker is collected quiet fast? And you get bonus step by step?
 odzien25/10/2008 19:37:35 GMT
if u made 4000 raked hands you will recieve all of the bonus, quite fast collecting is true, play on low stakes and you make it very fast.
 zottel27/10/2008 02:11:48 GMT
That´s what I´m talking about
 fochizza27/10/2008 22:22:47 GMT
Is it really 4000 raked hands or "frequent player points"?
 taavi1928/10/2008 22:09:06 GMT
Heard its a good place to play (easy)

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