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Ultimate Bet cancel Aruba Poker Classic

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Posted on 11 March 2010 by "T".

Ultimate Bet has been the organizer of the popular live tournament Aruba Poker Classic for the past few years. This year, however, they have taken the decision to cancel the event and instead put all focus and energy on its online poker section.

For example, they are planning on organizing a monthly tournament with a $500,000 guarantee (today the biggest tournament is the weekly $200,000 guarantee), more satellites to major live tournaments such as WSOP and EPT etc

Event though this might be great news for people who play poker at Ultimate Bet or are planning on doing so -- it still would be nice if the Aruba Poker Classic tournament is back next year again!


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21 comments on "Ultimate Bet cancel Aruba Poker Classic"

 darthtony11/03/2010 10:12:05 GMT
i don't really like ultimate bet poker , but i think is better for users . Not every user could partecipate to a live tournament but everyone of them could partecipate in online game ! Plus , online tournament is lesser expensive for organization so it could be higher prize !
 shokaku11/03/2010 10:25:26 GMT
Allway a bad sign if an established tourney is dropped. We will see if those new online tourneys can create enough publicity.
 $k11/03/2010 11:31:56 GMT
wow i play at this site and i cant belive there doing this but i suppose darth is right online is cheaper to run
 DaMessiah66611/03/2010 11:44:58 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Allway a bad sign if an established tourney is dropped. We will see if those new online tourneys can create enough publicity.

Agree, no good news. Live tournaments always gave a lot to site: publicity, earning in satellites, famous people, tv earnings, etc ... Maybe it's not the best moment to Ultimate
 mazas11/03/2010 13:01:33 GMT
this is bad sing because some people like this and they spend here more time playing now they must find another place and its really not be ultimate bet

however good luck all
 GIOMi611/03/2010 14:49:28 GMT
That is too bad for marketing, maybe they will lose customers that way. But they know what they are doing, so their profits can maybe increase.
 psycokiller11/03/2010 18:16:53 GMT
The only way that dropping the event makes sense is if they decided thare was a better way to market their site. To host en event like that is to add to a sites credibility but maybe I don't see the bigger picture either.
 tongerlo11/03/2010 19:15:53 GMT
i don't believe that many people sign up at poker sites because they have live tournaments. I for sure don't.
Spade Club Heart Diamond
 Puuuru11/03/2010 19:23:25 GMT
Live tourneys don't seem very catchy for me either.. -.-

 fbrt11/03/2010 20:18:24 GMT
this is great wow
 Combo4Super11/03/2010 23:09:21 GMT
love live poker tournaments, is too bad cancel tournaments like this because some people just play to get entries to this tournaments, but i dont know...

so.. i hope they focus that energy very well to get the platform much better.
 Byzza2112/03/2010 11:51:22 GMT
Live tournaments are very different by the online ones...I had the chance to play in a small one and almost cashed out...there are players which know what it means an re-raise preflop Smile)
 Raggamann12/03/2010 17:57:55 GMT
ub cannot compete with wpt/ partypoker and ept/ pokerstars when it comes to organze live tournaments. so i think its a good strategy to concentrate on onlinepoker, theres a strong competition between the smaller sites and networks and many of them will not survive the next years, so the best they can do is try to get big enough to survive (and not be bought by a bigger competitor
 ZmxPowah13/03/2010 15:20:08 GMT
Always much less people on live tournaments so it's better to make some big online ^^.
More players more cash more things to do in future casue more cash...
 LaBaiz13/03/2010 16:49:10 GMT
I think it is a well planned decision from ultimate bet, because a online poker site gains profit much faster and easier than organizing live tournaments.
 leroi2113/03/2010 19:11:00 GMT
organise a live tournament cost alot more than a online tournament and it less organisation and more ppl can play in a online tournament but i agree live tournament is more great to play in
 xxxbchxxx14/03/2010 12:51:41 GMT
OK i cab see why they need to build there on-line business butto get rid of the Aruba Poker classic? surly that would be an epic opertunity to shamlessly plug there own site and any up coming events or new tournys...?
Oh well i dont play ther eany way , i did for a while but didn't get on with the bad beats and endless poor play i saw...strange it was all befor the cheating scandle come about.
Not good for there site / business. but this is there attempt to bounce back i suppose.
anyway ill not be there unless there new 500K tourny has a rediculus buy in. doubt it thou.
 BBU14/03/2010 15:38:07 GMT
you won't catch me playing on UB for sure :
 SuperNoob15/03/2010 10:24:41 GMT
their site is falling behind fulltilt and pokerstars it surely has to do something to keep its place in market with many new sites coming. but it would have been a good publicity for them had they organised the event
 lokipoker25/05/2010 20:28:52 GMT
hmm, I wonder why they do this, I would think they needed all the good PR now, after the scandals that have been coming up lately
 watoba25/05/2010 20:44:08 GMT
i´ve played a short time at UB but i didn´t like the site.I got many offers to come back they called me 3 times but no way

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