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NordicBet Poker & BankrollMob Promotion: Super Weekend Package

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Posted on 05 October 2009 by "K".

NordicBet PokerBankrollMob is proud to present this exclusive 1 month league in cooperation with NordicBet Poker, where one Mob member wins the Super Weekend Package in Talinn (December 11th-13th), that includes:

  • Flight (up to €250).
  • 2 nights at hotel.
  • Buy-in to the €100 freezeout on Friday night and buy-in to the €200 freezeout on Saturday Night.

For 1 month we run a league with 2 weekly tournaments, starting Thursday 8th of October and ends Sunday 8th of November.

Players will receive points for the league, based on where they finish in each of the tournaments listed below. Top 10 finishers in the league will qualify for the Final where the winner gets the Super Weekend Package. The final 6 tournaments played, will award players with double the points, so it's never too late to join the league.

League Tournaments
League name: The League of Mobsters
Tournaments: Thursdays & Sundays at 18:00 CET (16:00 GMT).
Buy-in, Tursdays: €0.25+€0.02, unlimited rebuys and add-on for 1 hour.
Buy-in, Sundays: €0.50+€0.05, unlimited rebuys and add-on for 1 hour.
Levels: 15 min.
Start stack: 1000 points

Thursday 12th of November at 18:00 CET (16:00 GMT).
Levels: 15 min.
Start stack: 2000 points
10 players in the final.

We kick it off with a freeroll for all BankrollMob members who signup at NordicBet Poker using THIS LINK. The freeroll is on Wednesday the 7th of October with a prize pool of €200. For more freeroll information and password, go here: NordicBet Poker €200 Freeroll.

Terms & Conditions
- The winner of the package must pay the difference, if flight ticket exceeds the €250 covered by this promotion.
- The age limit in the casino is 21.
- Package cannot be exchanged with cash, winner must go to Talinn (December 11th-13th 2009).

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55 comments on "NordicBet Poker & BankrollMob Promotion: Super Weekend Package"

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» NordicBet Poker & BankrollMob Promotion: Super Weekend Package

 Nightw0w14/10/2009 18:43:45 GMT
nice gg Blink
 helenliin18/10/2009 11:34:23 GMT
Estonian capitol is not Talinn. Correct name is Tallinn. Please correct typing error.
 parrix18/10/2009 19:59:08 GMT

This tournamet is valid for spanish players? and how to get the promo and be regstered? any can say me? thanks
 NordicShaun19/10/2009 17:44:19 GMT

I think that was my typo I am very sorry and I love the wonderful of TALLINN I happen to be lucky enough to live in Tallinn.

Sorry Shaun

By the way the leauge has been updated Heleniin i dont see your name in the leauge!!

Dont forget never to late to join the last 6 tourneys have double points.

Good Luck.

 Dachaaa19/10/2009 18:52:26 GMT
only 250 for the ticket
 Viktor191721/10/2009 12:47:47 GMT
 cartridge22/10/2009 20:27:35 GMT
That's nice and good luck !
 NordicShaun24/10/2009 20:21:50 GMT
Hi Guys

The leauge has been updated:

It is never to late to join all tournamnets are now for double points so get in and you can win big time.

Good luck guys.

 ronniehollan25/10/2009 15:30:21 GMT
this site is fake and unreal

all fake
 NordicShaun25/10/2009 16:46:01 GMT
Sorry not sure what you mean????
 s1m0nmp28/10/2009 08:03:12 GMT
it's a really nice deal... but tallinn, come on Blink, why not stockholm Smile
 NimaDk28/10/2009 08:47:12 GMT
is this a freeroll or im a mistaking ?
 blazingpf29/10/2009 00:48:49 GMT
ronniehollan 10/25/2009 3:30:21 PM GMT
this site is fake and unreal

all fake

??? what do you mean? so its all scam?
 parrix29/10/2009 01:23:16 GMT

why do you think is a fake? are you really sure to say this? can you give us a question for that? thanks
 NordicShaun01/11/2009 06:36:39 GMT
Hi Guys

The league has been updated,

We now have just 3 tourneys left each tourney will give you double points so it is still not to late to join....

The next tournament is 18.00 CET today.

Good luck.

 Urbanlaci01/11/2009 14:41:30 GMT
ok nice
 fejset01/11/2009 14:59:10 GMT
I am Always 1 off the first to lose when i play this kind off tournaments Aww crap!
It cant only be bad luck Shock
I maybe not soo good poker player Cool
 NordicShaun01/11/2009 16:42:00 GMT
Thats why you should rebuy.

 EleyLT02/11/2009 08:48:05 GMT
gl all Smile
 Harry929504/11/2009 17:00:49 GMT
Thank You
 mazas05/11/2009 14:27:31 GMT
not bad
 antonio2106/11/2009 13:56:50 GMT
 LaBaiz06/11/2009 21:09:24 GMT
could be fun package, but too bad i can't use it with my wife to have a good time together not only going by myself. But the promotion is very nice. Thanks. Worship
 NordicShaun07/11/2009 08:16:38 GMT
Hi Guys

The leauge has now been updated

The last tournament is tomorrow and you can still qualify for teh final table we have four places up for grabs just simply play and end up in to the 4 and you will get a seat at the final event and the chance to win a trip to Estonia to play in the Super weekend.

Good luck

 moloko66608/11/2009 08:49:48 GMT
Not badly))

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