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NordicBet Poker: €20,000 Monster Freeroll This Sunday

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Posted on 09 April 2010 by "K".

NordicBet Poker Monster Freerolls

NordicBet Poker will host their last, and biggest, of their Monster Freeroll poker tournaments on this Sunday (April 11th). There's a huge €20,000 prize pool available - and you're invited!!

All you have to do, is to play 1 raked hand at NordicBet Poker and then log in and register for the €20,000 freeroll. The freeroll starts at 17:00 GMT (19:00 CET) and registration opens 3 hours before the tournament begins (1 hour late registration period available).

Not a NordicBet Poker player yet? CLICK HERE to signup for free - and get up to a total of €2000 in deposit bonuses on just a €50 deposit.

Good luck!

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26 comments on "NordicBet Poker: €20,000 Monster Freeroll This Sunday"

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» NordicBet Poker: €20,000 Monster Freeroll This Sunday

 mazas09/04/2010 13:10:28 GMT
good promo but i didnt take place here because i ll not play in this site andalso havent so many time to play all poker sites Smile

so good luck who will take a part here Smile
 edr_00709/04/2010 13:17:37 GMT
wowww!! the hugest freeroll i have ever seen!.
i am going to play this man, this is a great chance really.
good luck to everyone
 dozn0109/04/2010 14:07:55 GMT
not me sorry dont play there too busy at full tilt but nice prize pool thou Smile
 Flippedchips09/04/2010 14:12:37 GMT
damm im playing one on bet365 its a $20,0000 freeroll i thought that was good lol ffs thats a monster dont think i will be playing that one already got alot of tournys lined up for tomorrow GL to ever gos for it, seems ur on the case tony good luck
 joulukinkku09/04/2010 14:24:16 GMT
Posted by Flippedchips:
damm im playing one on bet365 its a $20,0000 freeroll i thought that was good lol ffs thats a monster dont think i will be playing that one already got alot of tournys lined up for tomorrow GL to ever gos for it, seems ur on the case tony good luck

Yep! Im going to be there too! Hope I see you flippedchips in that great freeroll.
I also have collected those about 100 raked hands at NordicBet Poker so Im going to there. Heart I think you should be there right away when they start registering because that tournament will be full in no time(I think Confused ) 10000 seats and for the 600 best gets money prizes(pretty good if you ask me fo a freeroll Worship )Hope I see many mobsters in that tournament Cool GL all Heart
 Fackinas09/04/2010 14:29:13 GMT
Posted by Administrator:
Who's gonna play this?

lol I would like to ;p
 Kristan09/04/2010 14:29:28 GMT
Dont have account there, actually never heard of it lol Confused and im not gonna play this. But GL to others who are participating Thumbs Up .
 Puuuru09/04/2010 14:39:01 GMT
I'm gonna play this... seems nice for just one raked hand..
 Bizla09/04/2010 15:31:18 GMT
me2 i am booosh
 xxxbchxxx09/04/2010 16:27:37 GMT
Oh i'd love to play but i dont have an account there yet...
I'm not gonna sign up as i have a few accounts / sites on my PC that i'm playing all ready so i'm not gonna just keep going to different sites to get freerolls... not yet anyway.
I'll save Nordic till i get my a game (till i am a better player) more chance to reap the bonus's then, insted of just scrapping through them.
 RMBKK09/04/2010 23:34:53 GMT
Sweet! 10k seats ay? It'll be around half after first level change lol, nordicbet tourneys are sooo loose at the beginning and gets tight as hell at the end!
 duck_199110/04/2010 13:11:52 GMT
i was invited to a 20 000 $ freeroll today on bet365 ... the registration started at 08:00 ... 8-| ... so i woke up before it starts ... the tourny was full ... fuk them ... how many do they invite ?
 Fakiry10/04/2010 14:39:00 GMT
Looks very very interesting, and i dont have nothing to do tomorrow... I still dont have an acount there, but this sure seems the best time to do one! From unknown looser to rich well known big freeroll winner in 24 hours: what a challenge!
 catavl10/04/2010 19:51:41 GMT
wow this is one nice example of markeating. They will win like 3000 or 4000 of new depositors every week. Much better than giving the money away as a no depsit bonus.
 Idid10/04/2010 22:47:36 GMT
anyway its a freeroll - means a lot of donks with unplayable cards and huge part of luck at the tables Big Smile
 jessthehuman11/04/2010 01:32:54 GMT
if there's 10,000 seats as someone wrote, then it's only a 2 euro buyin that you're getting anyhow.. no big deal.. You always need to divide the total prizepool by the amount of runners to see what your seat is actually worth. I'd rather a $20 seat into an MTT with 100 runners and a $2k prizepool than a $2 seat into a $20K prizepool with 10k runners.

Always look at the value of your seat, not the total prizepool. IMO.
 Flippedchips11/04/2010 04:10:45 GMT
lol i got bloody donked in my $20k freeroll, was just waiting for it to happen the guy could not fold with anything and always hit, my Qs killed from K2 Big Smile Big Smile what can u do fucking freerolls Confused
 Synthetikos11/04/2010 05:36:01 GMT
i was invited yesterday on bet365,but when a tried to sign up it was alredy full the 4000 player field Sad
maybe next time i'll have a shot to the 4000$ first prize Tongue
 DAGOR11/04/2010 09:10:54 GMT
Hello everybody!
Full Tilt do freerol too big. Just remember the promo for the Sit & Go madness. Easy to get into.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 Pitiless11/04/2010 16:10:00 GMT
cant afford a deposit in order to ply just one freeroll, but it really sounds interesting >.<
 leroi2111/04/2010 17:48:48 GMT
great freeroll but i dont have an account on this poker site so maybe another time.
hope fulltilt watch this site and do the same thing
 SuperNoob11/04/2010 18:45:16 GMT
nice prizepool but all the players from the site are gonna jump in this tournament and its gonna be a big donkfest except in late stages.
i dnt have nordicbetpoker anyways gl to those participating
 moshylinho11/04/2010 22:15:47 GMT
anyone doing sportsbetting on nordic bet?
i saw they have a free bet promotion - anyone tried that?
 SonFelix12/04/2010 09:31:59 GMT
There were only about 1500 players out of 10 000seats filled!!! From 600players all were awarded with 10€... I finished in top 30 and won +80€ from a freeroll.Pretty nicely I think & awesome tourny from NordicBet
 alonso000012/04/2010 13:33:09 GMT
Thats a great tournamnet. Unfortunatelly I didn't know about it. I hope there will be more tournaments this type in the future.

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