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The Million Dollar Hand at PartyPoker is back!

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Posted on 07 October 2009 by "K".

PartyPoker once had a great campaign called "The Million Dollar Hand" that gave all their players a fair chance of winning lots of money by just playing at any of their poker tables. Now this great campaign is back again, and it will run between October 5h and October 30th.

This is how it works
For each 15 points you accumulate you will receive a card from the deck. When you have collected 5 cards and can make one of the hands below, then you will get your bonus paid out. For example the best hand in poker, a Royal Straight Flush gives $1,000,000, and a pair gives $3. There is no limit for how many times each bonus can be paid out. This means that more than one player can take home the $1,000,000 bonus for a Royal Straight Flush.

Payout structure:
Royal Straight Flush - $1,000,000
Straight Flush - $10,000
Four of a Kind - $1,000
Full House - $150
Flush - $100
Straight- $50
Three of a Kind - $20
Two Pairs - $10
Pair - $3

Open your account at PartyPoker through BankrollMob today and take part in this great campaign. We give you a poker gift offer or a $100 no deposit bonus to get you started!


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10 comments on "The Million Dollar Hand at PartyPoker is back!"

 Davoodoo07/10/2009 15:04:58 GMT
it will probably be rigged like : first card 10s and then Js and then Qs and then Ks ... and THEN the 7 of clubs hits Big Smile
 Btownd8707/10/2009 16:36:12 GMT
My first was Q spades.
I want to know if they will be giving out cash bonuses to everyone like they did last time this promotion ran.

Last time,i just randomly logged in and had $10 bonus ready to use.
 zirafa7307/10/2009 17:23:58 GMT
Last time i had pair. Start was awesome Jh 10h 7h 6h, last card was 6d. Aww crap!
Now time my first card is 6r, but i will not play so much hands anyway.
 klopmand08/10/2009 07:43:15 GMT
Can you collect more than 5 cards? Or once you have 5, you either make a hand, or start over?

Sounds kinda wonky to me.... Then again if you play there, any free promotion is a good thing....
 SuperNoob08/10/2009 10:58:39 GMT
its a nice free promotion, you just have to play at the table like you play otherwise if you get lucky you get paid otherwise better luck next time.
more you play more are your chances of winning
 cojonel08/10/2009 13:19:53 GMT
u have to play u r daily sesions there and than u ll se if u re 50$ for 2hours 2 sesions its enouph in one day Smile good luck for this freaky 1 milion Big Smile
 Fakiry08/10/2009 16:19:20 GMT
Once again Party Poker is running one if its best campaings. Only fot this its worth to play there. Its not the best time for me to enter one of this campaigns, but i wish all the luck to those who enter. Once again, dont forget to post the Mobers who get some of this prizes. Its always great to have good news from associates.
 bmobregaj08/10/2009 17:28:56 GMT
my first card is the K of diamonds - royal flush and $1000000 here i come Tongue
 xxxbchxxx10/10/2009 21:32:16 GMT
Now that sounds like a great promotion.
I'll have to dust off my party poker account , get some $$$ transfered in there and get earning those cards.

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